Marvel marks Knull’s arrival with temporary tattoos


King in Black # 1 will come with a temporary tattoo, with sports variant covers in future issues featuring the tattoo designs.

To celebrate the release of King in black, Marvel will be offering temporary tattoos that accompany the first issue.

The tattoo is designed by writer Donny Cates tattoo artist Ian Bederman. It features a skull covered with the Venom symbiote, with Knull’s sword embedded in said skull. Bederman will also provide cover variations for the miniseries, each featuring a different design. The tattoo for King in black # 2 features a grim reaper with skeletal wings, emblazoned with the Knull symbol.

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The tattoos were announced in October. Comic book retailers will receive at least one set of temporary tattoos, with one additional set for every 25 copies of the King in black # 1 main cover they order.

King in black will feature Knull, the god of symbionts, finally arriving on Earth with heroes from the Marvel Universe battling his symbiote dragons. Cates is joined by artist Ryan Stegman, who previously worked with him on Venom and Absolute carnage. These books have set up several elements of the story that will collide with King in black. Venom publisher Devin Lewis teased that the consequences of King in black will “redefine” Eddie Brock as a character and set the stage for future stories.

The full press release of King in black can be read below:


Available December 2 at participating comic book stores!

New York, NY— November 20, 2020 – KING IN BLACK, the highly anticipated Marvel event that will serve as the next epic chapter in Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s groundbreaking run on Venom, arrives on December 2. To celebrate the launch of this upcoming saga, fans will also have the opportunity to bring home a KING IN BLACK temporary tattoo, designed by Donny Cates own tattoo artist, Ian Bederman! Matching the cover of the KING IN BLACK # 1 tattoo variant, the gloomy and mesmerizing artwork is the perfect symbol of the chaos and destruction that awaits the Marvel Universe when Knull’s reign begins.

Additionally, Bederman has contributed four other unique designs that will adorn the covers of every issue of KING IN BLACK. Check out the all new tattoo variant cover for KING IN BLACK # 2 and collect all five Ian Bederman tattoo cover variations starting with KING IN BLACK # 1 on December 2nd! Stay tuned for more KING IN BLACK variant cover reveal, and don’t miss your chance to commemorate the start of this historic Marvel Universe event by purchasing a KING IN BLACK Temporary Tattoo at your store. local participant comics.

Written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Ryan Stegman, King in black # 1 goes on sale December 2 at Marvel Comics.

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