Man’s ‘insane optical illusion’ tattoo looks like a giant hole in his head


Tattoo artist Matt Pehrson took to Instagram to show off his latest piece of art – and fans can’t wait to see what the mind-boggling illusion looks like when it’s over

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Amazing optical illusion tattoo on man’s head

A tattoo artist has left social media users in awe after inking an incredible optical illusion tattoo on the back of his client’s head.

Tattoo artist Matt Pehrson, who works for the Zion Tattoo Company in Utah, went to new extremes in his project late last year, with a “crazy optical illusion” he designed for his friend Ryan.

Matt inked a series of thick lines on Ryan’s bald head, turning away to the back of his head.

And with the help of a few smart shading tricks, Matt managed to make it look like a huge gaping hole – and tattoo fans can’t get enough of it.

Its supporters have dubbed it “the craziest optical illusion”


@ mattpehrsontattoos / Jam Press)

The photo, which was originally posted to his Instagram account in April 2020 where he has more than 70,000 followers, has recently received increased attention.

Matt said: “I did a crazy thing to my friend Ryan today…

“We still have a lot to finish on its dome. What do you all think of a room like this?

Since sharing the snapshot, he has received over 11,400 likes and thousands of comments praising his work.

One said: “Looks like he’s got a hole in the back of his head, damn good job.”

Another added: “OMG that looks fantastic !!!!”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “This is the craziest optical illusion.”

Ryan is yet to complete his tattoo trip with Matt, but with so many fans urging him to post a “finished product” photo, we expect to see one soon.

With a vibrating shark on his neck and another graphic design on his temple, it’s possible Matt will join it all.

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