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Mad Rabbit Tattoo was co-founded by Selom Agbitor and Oliver Zak with customer focus at its heart.

Mad Rabbit’s winning product can be attributed to the support and formulation knowledge of Oliver’s mother, who has years of homeopathic expertise in running a holistic apothecary. Their all-natural formulation outperformed other chemical tattoo products on the market in early focus group testing. Armed with this competitive advantage, the two seniors from the University of Miami decided to enter the market. The pair quickly discovered that in the field of skin care and tattoo healing, their all-natural tattoo aftercare outperformed current products available.

Sales started pouring in immediately after the online launch, leaving Oliver and Selom with the undeniable feeling that they were onto something special. With six sales figures in less than a year, it was a success. Their last year of college was a testament to the success of the business, with increasing demand in the market. “Some days we spent over 12 hours mixing, cooking and preparing our product, with back orders that we still couldn’t fill immediately.” – Selom Agbitor – co-founder of Mad Rabbit Tattoo.

Mad Rabbit All Natural Tattoo Balm is formulated with all-natural, locally sourced, and organic ingredients from the greater Los Angeles area. “My mom was the main force behind the perfect blend, leveraging her years as the manager of an all-natural apothecary. Through my mom’s formulation expertise, we found we could achieve peak performance with 7 key natural ingredients.

The exact formula of Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm is exclusive information, however, it contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Calendula Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, lavender and incense. There is a great intention behind each ingredient chosen for the tattoo balm. Each one has individually specific healing and nourishing properties. The magic happens when these powerful ingredients are combined. “What a breakthrough for a product that actually works and regenerates faded tattoos; it really brings the work of art to life. – Tattoo geek

The Mad Rabbit team wasted no time building profitable manufacturing plants and distribution centers nationwide, and they quickly turned their attention to marketing their winning product to the world. Soon after, Mad Rabbit hired a professional marketing team to support its organic growth efforts. Sales and logistics are one thing, but their customers were delighted with the efficient nature and comfort of Balm – and the world needed to hear about it. “People spend a lot of money on their tattoos, and they want their vibrant colors to last.” – Tattoo artist.

Jason J says “Tattoo Reviving – 1st Class.” Makes all tattoos really stand out and fresh. [It’s a] Too bad there isn’t a UK supplier to turn to rather than wait a week or two for delivery from the US. Feel free to see more Mad Rabbit tattoo butter verified Customer testimonials at the bottom of the product page.

“All tattoos fade no matter how much money you spend on them … We wanted to create a product that would help tattoo fanatics wear their ink more proudly, longer.” – Oliver Zak -co-founder of Mad Rabbit Tattoo

Revitalize, regenerate and preserve your body art with the hottest tattoo balm on the market. Effective on new and old tattoos. “Our packaging is very intentional. We used metal cans to prevent outside contaminants from entering the product, while reducing plastic waste. We wanted a healthy, all-natural product that our customers would love. ”Selom Agbitor – Co-Founder of Mad Rabbit Tattoo.

Mad Rabbit offers a monthly subscription starting at $ 5 for the first month. The subscription allows customers to experience the Mad Rabbit Tattoo tracking difference at over half the regular price!

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Mad Rabbit was founded by two brothers who were passionate about ink. The couple found an opportunity to create a superior natural healing balm to help enhance the healing process and built a brand that artists and clients can vibrate with. The main goal was to get rid of all the unnatural and processed ingredients that you would find in a traditional moisturizer, and decided to go back to the base of simple, natural ingredients. Motivated by the challenge, they made it their mission to create the most effective tattoo balm in the industry. Mad Rabbit promotes individuality, adventure and all that is badass.

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