Maddox Williams: Boy Abuse Reportedly Covered With Temporary Tattoos


The three-year-old boy was rushed to hospital last month where a forensic doctor made a gruesome discovery. WARNING: distressing.

The grandmother of a boy who police say was fatally beaten to death by his mother has now been charged with his death.

Maddox Williams, of the US state of Maine, died on June 20 of blunt trauma from multiple injuries, an autopsy found temporary tattoos were used to cover bruises on his head .

Jessica Trefethen was charged with murder last month over the death of her son Maddox. Now Trefethen’s mother Sherry Johnson also faces a felony charge of obstructing the arrest or prosecution of her daughter.

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Police allege Johnson lied to them about her daughter’s fate after Maddox’s death, after the 59-year-old told them she ditched Trefethen at a boat party.

Johnson then changed her story to say her daughter was home only for authorities to later find Trefethen inside Johnson’s home. People reports.

Mom said that “the children play madly and madly”

Trefethen took Maddox to a hospital emergency room last month, claiming he was kicked by his older sister and tripped over a dog leash, local TV station WCSH reported.

Maddox had already stopped breathing by the time he received medical attention, an autopsy revealing a horrific list of injuries.

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The little boy had a ruptured intestine, bleeding brain, a fractured spine, and bruises on his arms, legs and three on his head that were hidden under temporary tattoos.

Trefethen was questioned by police about her son’s death, saying Maddox fell from a trampoline but had “no idea” where his injuries were coming from.

“He bruised himself very easily and his kids are playing wild and crazy,” Trefethen said in a police affidavit.

But Chief Medical Examiner Lisa Funte said Maddox Police injuries were “Too serious to be caused by children playing, falling from a trampoline or being run over by a puppy”.

Dr Funte concluded that Maddox’s death was not accidental and caused by multiple blunt trauma, Bangor Daily News reported.

Trefethen was charged with Maddox’s death on June 23 and has yet to plead the murder charge. She is due in court in October.


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