Kickstarter Alert: Wundercub Educational Temporary Tattoos


Wundercub PacksMy two year old son loves temporary tattoos. It probably doesn’t hurt that my wife and I have multiple tattoos, but the love of temporary skin art seems to be nearly universal among kids.

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Lindsay and Anthony noticed this same phenomenon and want to start Wundercub on Kickstarter. Wundercub will make children’s love of temporary tattoos a learning tool. They start with 2 temporary tattoo packs – travel and food. Each pack contains eight different tattoos (8 tattoos per sheet and 2 sheets per pack.) Each tattoo includes very colorful, child-friendly art and the corresponding word. It’s a great way to engage kids with vocabulary.

The end goal is to launch the business and its website with 8-10 different packs. I love the idea of ​​temporary tattoos for my son. I can’t wait for them to fund successfully (they’re already at 60% at 22 days) and launch their site so we can all buy them!

Wundercub LogosAlthough they don’t have the final product available yet, Wundercub sent some of their temporary logo tattoos that come from the same printer for me to test.

Wundercub-armBased on previous experience (see my ECCC article on my temporary cosplay tattoos), I decided that my inner forearm would be a good test location. I put the tattoo on and the first thing I noticed was that the adhesive part of the sheet doesn’t trail very far outside of the tattoo itself. For kids this probably isn’t a big deal, but I can appreciate it as it adds to the realism of the look. I then went for a one hour run, cleaned the car (including lots of vigorous vacuuming and wiping), played with our dogs, and installed a door frame. The tattoo held up much better than expected and I doubt they will have a hard time standing up to my two year old when he gets his tattoo packs.

Please visit the Starter Wundercub for more information and to support the project. I can’t wait to see all the models they offer and play with my son with them.

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