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Joojoo often depicts flora and fauna in her tattoos, which she conceptualizes on an iPad using the Procreate app, continuously drawing until she finds the perfect fit for her clients. The work consists of line drawings with color accents that resemble pencil or brush stains. His goal is to create simple and organic linework. Apart from receiving several direct messages from Americans, these small tattoos are popular in the Korean market.

Above: A ship can mean a life lived on the ripples of ocean waves and air, away from shore.
An angel in the style of a sketch made in black ink.

Are there any people in particular who have influenced your line art?

Picasso’s art is my favorite because it is abstract and simple, but his identity is apparent. I don’t want to illustrate things exactly as they appear or imitate someone else’s work; I want to see and express things in a unique way.

In this image, you can see the crayon-like smudge accents.

What are your favorite Picasso works of art?

My favorites are his line drawings of animals (like “Dove of Peace”). Rather than realistic, detailed animals, I like its minimalistic way.

Seagulls are a common theme requested by Joojoo customers.

“Dove of Peace” dates from 1949, lithograph on paper. Have you considered trying this medium and making your own prints?

I want to do lithographs one day. I’m also working on a poster right now because I intend to create my designs for anyone, not just tattoo enthusiasts, to own.

Here is a stylized interpretation of the sea and sailing.

What tattoo themes do you like doing the most?

I love nature. From the warmth of green plants to the freedom of the blue sea, nature is full of color and energy.

The white ink can fade onto the skin over time, becoming less vibrant, but it’s still an intriguing pigment for some tattoos.

Are customers asking for white ink or do you prefer to add more? Have you seen what white ink looks like over time?

There are beautiful tattoos when white ink is applied. For example, if it’s a flower or an image that allows for contrast and contains a clarity of white, I recommend it. White ink doesn’t stay completely white over time but shines naturally on every skin tone. I always explain it to my clients.

The “forbidden fruit” painted on the skin.

Since your tattoos are small in size, how long can they take on average to complete?

The average tattoo takes about an hour and a half. However, it takes a long time to create a design desired by the customer and modify it while exchanging opinions with him. The pre-production of this one can take three hours.

Lillies can symbolize purity and resurrection.

You have shown an interest in minimalist art; does your home reflect that?

I try to live a minimalist life. My drawing style seems to reflect the path I take in life. However, the house looks no different from the others. I love clothes so much that I don’t think I’m a minimalist wardrobe.

Joojoo, a South Korean tattoo artist, prepares her station.

What other interests do you have?

I like to listen to music and take pictures outdoors in nature. Seeing the world through the lens of the camera rather than my own eyes gives me more diverse perspectives. Music refreshes the air and atmosphere around me when I listen to it. The harmony between the most natural and the most fabricated music is perfect.

Photos © Joojoo


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