Internet exposes tattoo artist who sneakily ‘branded’ client with initials


Many people have come to regret the tattoo designs they chose in their youth, but one unlucky Redditor ruins the inker himself. TattooedNoobAITA took to the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit on Sunday to share their anger after discovering their tattoo artist had gone rogue.

In an article titled “AITA for getting mad my artist hid his initials in my tattoo?” (which can be viewed here), TattooedNoobAITA explained, “I went to a tattoo shop in my area, with a picture of the tattoo I wanted. It was the one my dad got to honor my late grandfather. whose dad had it too. But the thing is, it was important to me that the tattoo looked EXACTLY as it did in the picture.”

The artwork TattooedNoobAITA requested was a copy of a design their father, late grandfather and great grandfather all had.

The Redditor was initially pleased with the finished tattoo, until he showed it to his grandmother a few weeks later and she immediately noticed something was wrong.

They continued, “I arrive at the shop, explain everything, pay, get a tattoo, and we’re done, I think it looks awesome, everything is great!

“Until a few weeks later when I showed my great-grandmother the tattoo. She’s static, grabs my arm to look at it and compliment it, then asks, ‘Who’s AJ?’

“I ask her what she means, and she points on the tattoo where the initials A and J or maybe T were hidden in the tattoo. I’m instantly pissed, because my artist name is Alice Trever [name changed].

“She tries to assure me that it’s okay if I hadn’t noticed until now, but I reached out to the artist anyway, a little irritated.”

Unsurprisingly angry, they returned to the tattoo artist and demanded a partial refund, but the artist didn’t back down.

TattooedNoobAITA said: “They told me the style of art I got is called traditional and it’s ‘pretty traditional’ for all artists who do this style to do it. I asked a partial refund and they refused, so I complained to the owner who made the artist refund me in full.

After the shop owner demanded a full refund from the Redditor, the artist launched a “full smear campaign” against TattooedNoobAITA and his employer.

They added: “Now the artist is running a full smear campaign, talking about shop moves and all sorts of bullshit. My sister says I’m an asshole for pushing the issue but I feel like that in the end, I told you exactly what I wanted and you didn’t. AITA?

The graph below, provided by Statista, shows the number of Americans with tattoos in 2021.

Some Redditors have suggested that TattooedNoobAITA deserves more than just a refund.

OK_Possibility5715 said, “NTA and I would even consider filing a complaint. They kind of branded you with their initials…And they should be fired…”

MichaelArnold agreed, saying, “The artist had no right to hide his initials on your skin without your consent. I would be very upset if it were done to me.”

TheoryAddict added: “OP should do a call out campaign and try to see if any of his other clients were unknowingly ‘tagged’ like them. This could be a big lawsuit…”

Others have compared the tattoo artist “tagging” the Redditor to a doctor ignoring a patient’s bodily autonomy.

SandyDelights explained: “It’s like the surgeon putting his initials on the organs – no one can see it, but it doesn’t really matter. They didn’t consent, and the fact that you hid it suggests that you know they wouldn’t consent. “

A commentator claiming to be a professional tattoo artist also weighed in, pointing out how out of line the woman’s actions were.

WithoutDenisNedry said: “I’ve worked in tattooing for over a decade and I can tell you no one, I mean no one who’s a professional artist would ever consider hiding anything, let alone their own name or initials inside someone else’s tattoo. That’s not “trad”, that’s not normal, and that’s not okay. I’m horrified that a scraper tried to pass this off as a thing. It’s not a thing. I’m with some of these other commenters that OP should sue. It’s not frivolous if someone branded their name on you without consent. “

Others were particularly shocked that the artist considered it acceptable to add their initials to a design they had not created.

Pickitline said, “NTA. This person has directly Tagged you! Not only that, it’s not even the artist’s design, it’s a copied design!”

RenegonParagade added: “It’s the design of the great-grandfather or his tattoo artist. It was not designed to have the initials there, the artist had to modify the design to do so. And it’s not like the artist could say it was to protect their design from being copied or anything, since it’s literally someone else’s design!”

TattooedNoobAITA’s traumatic tattoo experience isn’t the only one sparking fierce debate on the internet this week. A man has gone viral for questioning his ‘conservative’ mother’s decision to get a tattoo, while a restaurant in Australia recently sparked outrage over its decision to ban customers with visible tattoos .

Newsweek has contacted TattooedNoobAITA for comment.

The Redditor got more than he bargained for by getting a tattoo to honor his late grandfather. Distressed tattooed hipster man.
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