Ink Master winners: where are they now?


While very dramatic with orchestrated combat and elemental level insults, Ink Master is an intense and entertaining competition show that requires immense skill and talent when it comes to skin art. The show proves that many can tattoo, but only some can stand out and prove they have mastered multiple tattoo styles and techniques.

With multiple spin-off shows and a run of over 13 seasons spanning nearly a decade, it’s safe to say the show is incredibly popular in the tattoo world, with the grand prize being $100,000 with a long footage in the prestigious Inked magazine. There have been over a dozen winners over the years, but many fans wonder where those lucky winners are today.


ten Shane O’Neill

Shane O'Neill watches the judges

Shane was a self-taught artist who had already been tattooing for 15 years by the time the show premiered in 2012. As the first-ever winner of ink mastermany fans are wondering what he is up to today.

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Currently, O’Neill is the owner of Infamous Tattoo located in Middletown, Delaware and continues to tattoo mostly portraits. Although he’s fairly inactive on Instagram, he’s amassed around 60,000 followers and clearly stays busy with clients by appointment only.

9 Steve Teft

Steve was the winner of season 2 and even returned as a coach. However, he also returned for Ink Master: Redemption to catch up with an unfortunate human web, and many fans found it a bit boring with its many rivalries.

Despite what fans may think of him, there’s no doubt that he’s doing well these days and holding his own. Today, he owns a 12-tattoo shop located in Groton, Connecticut, and still produces some undoubtedly amazing designs.

8 Joey Hamilton

Joey Hamilton smiling for the camera during the Ink Master finale

As the first season to feature a human web jury, Joey’s fate was in the hands of the webs and he emerged victorious in the finale. Although he faced Tatu Baby and Jime in the finals, many fans preferred Hamilton not only for his artistry, but also for his humble and kind demeanor and overall passion for the craft.

Joey is now married with one child and he also co-owns Revolt Tattoos in Las Vegas with his colleague ink master Star, Sausage. To see the ink master the legacy carried on in an all-new boutique is something that warms the hearts of fans to this day.

seven Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall watches the other contestants on Ink Master

Throughout the competition, Scott mostly kept a low profile but continually knocked out killer plays. Marshall ended up winning and surviving elimination against Sausage and Matti in the finals.

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For a while he was posting his best pieces on Instagram and he worked at a shop called Roselle Tattoo located in Roselle, IL. Sadly, Scott passed away unexpectedly in 2015, just a year after his big win, and fans will forever remember his legacy and his mark on the tattoo world.

6 Jason Clay Dunn

Jason Clay Dunn watches the Ink Master contestants

Jason is a mostly Japanese-style tattoo artist who competed in season 3 and eventually won season 5 of Ink Master against tattoo legend, Cleen Rock One. Although many fans did not expect him to win Cleen, there is no denying that he was a very talented performer who deserved to be in the finals, despite his beef with other contestants, but mainly Josh .

Fans used to find Jason at Tattoo Alchemy in Montclair, California, where the shop specializes in Asian artwork, traditional American artwork, and custom black and gray work. However, Jason recently decided to move away from the traditional boutique atmosphere and instead take personal orders through appointment forms on his website.

5 David Kruseman

Dave Kruseman posing in a tattoo parlor

Dave was the winner of Season 6, also known as the Masters vs Apprentice season twist. The traditional American specialist was also the first to win an additional prize, an all-new Dodge Challenger, alongside the cash prize and featured in Inked magazine

Kruseman is now a husband and father and works at Old Line Tattoo located in Hagerstown, Maryland. The tattoo artist has amassed over 100,000 followers on Instagram as he is still a big name in the tattoo game.

4 Anthony Michaux

The incredibly talented Anthony has always been applauded for his humble talent and evident skill in the craft. The fact that he not only won the show, but returned to coach and help artists showed his heart for tattooing.

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Anthony is now located in Tucson, AZ, and works at the Twenty Five Twelve tattoo and piercing shop. He still specializes in mostly black and gray portraits and is frequently featured on Inked magazinesocial media accounts.

3 ryan ashley

Ryan Ashley poses for Ink Master

Ryan Ashley is definitely a fan favorite with his unique style of ornamental tattoos. However ink master faced controversy due to how long it took a woman to make it to the final, it was clear from the start that she would be hard to beat, as the judges rarely had major criticism for her during challenges.

From what fans can tell on her social media, she is not currently part of a tattoo studio, but instead takes appointments for commissioned pieces directly from her personal website. The winner amassed over a million followers on Instagram and is still considered one of the most popular and talented winners of all time.

2 old town ink

Old Town Ink Winner Ink Master

Although fans don’t generally appreciate the band’s themed seasons, many have found themselves loving Old Town Ink, which consists of two artists, Bubba Irwin and DJ Tambe. dj won ink master back to back and even returning as a coach, clearly making him one of the most respected young tattoo artists in the business.

Today, you can find DJ at the Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas and Bubba at the Branded Tattoo Company in Nashville as the owner. However, fans need not worry about the fate of Old Town Ink, as Bubba still co-owns the Scottsdale and Mesa locations in Arizona.

1 Joshua Payne

Josh Payne poses and smiles for the camera

Josh was part of the DJ team in the 10th season of ink master, and he was a major threat early on. Although he was described as a stuck-up bigmouth, it was clear from the start that he would be hard to beat, as he was already relatively well-known in the tattoo business.

The Season 10 winner currently lives in Denver, Colorado and works for the Long Live Tattoo Collective boutique. Payne still specializes in mostly Japanese-inspired tattoo styles and colors, though he has a diverse portfolio on his Instagram page.

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