I waited 4 years to get my dream tattoo and the artist misspelled it, now I have a giant blanket on my back instead


GETTING A tattoo is a lifelong dedication to something you love.

For teen Liberty however, the worst possible thing happened, as the tattoo artist misspelled her dream inking.


Viewers reassured the teenager that her tattoo failedCredit: TikTok/@libertyeddy
The tattoo referenced a Bible verse from Philippians 4.6


The tattoo referenced a Bible verse from Philippians 4.6Credit: TikTok/@libertyeddy

Posting on Tiktok, the 19-year-old shared her botched tattoo experience with her 180,200 followers.

She showed snaps of her original design, her with fresh ink, a clearer image of the misspelled full tattoo, and then the huge cover of a rose she has on her shoulder.

On the video, she wrote, “What I asked for and what I got, then the cover-up.”

She also explained the issue, saying, “Phillipians was spelled Phillippians on my tattoo.”


She later corrected herself saying “Omg I meant vice versa lol on my tattoo it was spelled phillipians its supposed to be philippians.”

The tattoo she designed references the Bible verse in Philippians 4.6 which says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Regarding the huge rose tattoo, Liberty explained that the tattoo artist, “He covered it for free and plans to do it again for free.”

Commenters reassured her and offered solutions to her botched tattoo, saying, “He could have just added the p and re did it and I…or just covered up a word…he has to pay for the removal.”

“Get it back!! Just in a different place, especially since it means so much to you,” another suggested.

One considered how much the original tattoo meant to Liberty as they wrote: “I guess I don’t understand why he didn’t just cover the verse. There’s so much meaning to that.”

While another admitted: “Honestly I like the flower better, rock it, girl!!!!”

One person told her to change the cover tattoo, saying, “I think it would look good if there was no color, maybe you could add some shading and some white or something like that

“Yeah, he made me color, I was so sad.” Freedom explained.

In another Tiktok, which has 1.4 million views, she filmed herself taking a deep breath on which she wrote “I finally got the tattoo I designed and I waited 4 years to get it,” she captioned, “permanently. on my body.”

Others told him they had had the same experience as one of them: “My first tattoo has a misspelled word, my dad is the only person I’ve shown he has it remark.”


To which Liberty replied, “Glad I’m not the only one.”

Another recounted his experience, sharing, “I have a huge quote on my back with a misspelled word so I understand. The stencil was ok but ended up having to print another one and retype it.”

While others said they would sue if they were in his situation and some even checked that their own tattoos were spelled correctly.

Liberty's original design had the correct spelling


Liberty’s original design had the correct spellingCredit: TikTok/@libertyeddy
The double p was missing in the spelling


The double p was missing in the spellingCredit: TikTok/@libertyeddy
She had waited four years for the tattoo, so there was a lot of meaning behind it


She had waited four years for the tattoo, so there was a lot of meaning behind itCredit: TikTok/@libertyeddy
The concealed tattoo takes up a lot of room on her shoulder


The concealed tattoo takes up a lot of room on her shoulderCredit: TikTok/@libertyeddy

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