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CC: Before you leave the tattoo studio, your artist will wrap your tattoo to protect the ink from germs until you can clean the area yourself. Wait a few hours for the area to settle in and allow some of the blood around the tattoo to disperse, which helps reduce swelling and tenderness, then remove the wrapping while you are able to clean the tattoo. deep tattoo. immediately in lukewarm soapy water. Apply a layer of non-alcoholic antibacterial ointment, such as Aquaphor, Bacitracin, or A + D ointment, but do not put on another dressing. Then, for three to six weeks depending on the size and location of the tattoo, wash it gently about four times a day with soap and water and dry it gently. Follow with a very thin layer of moisturizer or ointment.

Are there activities to avoid after getting a tattoo?

VM: Activities like swimming, exercising, tanning, waxing, and shaving should be avoided for ten to thirty days, depending on the size of the tattoo. Minimalist tattoos do not require more than ten days, whereas a sleeve of tattoos would take at least a month.

CC: Chemically treated water like swimming pool water is not good for your tattoo, and natural bodies of water are worse. Additionally, exposing your new tattoo to direct sunlight can seriously damage the effect you are looking for with the ink, as it could become bleached or discolored, or even blister. Sharp razors scrape the fresh wound and might remove the healing scabs you get before they’re ready to come off. Thus, activities such as swimming, shaving and exercising are not recommended for three to four weeks.

What happens to my tattoo during the healing process?

VM: A healing tattoo should be treated like an open wound. It is normal for a new tattoo to scab over and dry skin to flake off. However, if you observe boils, pain, or redness around the area for more than 24 hours after being inked, consult your tattoo artist, as they will be the best person to guide you.

CC: You should see a doctor if your tattoo or the skin around it is extremely red, hot, and painful, because you probably have an infection. Infected tattoos can also leak pus. Finally, an early symptom of blood poisoning to be aware of are streaks, which are the radiation of thin red lines in the tattoo.

Is my hair safe for a new tattoo?

VM: Some tattoos, like the ones on the back, neck, ears, or shoulders, are in a place where they could be in contact with your hair. This can increase the risk of infection, so your safest bet is to keep your hair tied back during the healing process.

CC: It is generally recommended to tie the hair back and avoid contact with the tattoo for at least a week, as it can rub or cause redness.

What does long term tattoo care look like?

VM: Tattoo care is like skin care. The more you hydrate it and protect it from the sun, the longer it will last.

CC: Keep it clean! Wash your skin daily with a mild, unscented soap. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your skin hydrated. Be careful what you wear, stay away from rough fabrics like wool, which can damage art, and always apply SPF to prevent fading. Finally, avoid excessive weight gain or loss as this can stretch or warp the tattoo.

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