How much money have you spent on your tattoo collection


Have you ever sat down and thought about how much money you’ve invested in your tattoo collection? It’s a strange thing to consider, honestly. You think about all the money you’re saving for a tattoo before you get it, but once it’s there, that thought seems to slip out of your mind. It’s not like you can sell your tattoos to someone else for a nice little profit.

In this episode of Tattoo Artists React, we asked our panel of tattoo artists to consider how much money they lost on their collections. Now, being that they are tattoo artists, many of them haven’t spent a lot of money on their collections considering that they have either a) swapped tattoos with their buddies or b) used their body as a notebook for themselves and others while they learned to tattoo. That being said, the panel has some very interesting things to say about the value of their collections.

While writing this article, I began to wonder how much my burgeoning collection of tattoos was worth. I’ve lost around $4000 getting a tattoo over the years. One thing that’s nice about starting a while ago is that I got some really great offers. I have a few tattoos too, wish I had done a little more research beforehand and found a more talented artist to spend a little more money on, if you will. And I’m not including the money I spent traveling to get a tattoo, it’s probably about $600 more. Although I was tattooed several times while I was working, so in theory I was paid while being tattooed, which is a nice perk of working here.

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