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Happy Saint Patrick! Join us in raising a pint to St. Patrick, the missionary who converted the pagans of Ireland to Catholicism and (apocrypha) drove all the snakes from the Emerald Isle.

In the United States, we have turned the holy day into a bacchanalia of excess, because, of course, we have. It’s sort of our deal. While the Irish are content to have the day off, wear green and enjoy some parades, we’ve taken all of that and bumped it up to 11. We dye our rivers green. We drink green beer. We even indulge in green bagels with green cream cheese which is the most ungodly abomination I can imagine.

We don’t all celebrate in excess and idiocy. Some are perfectly content to head to their local watering hole to enjoy a few pints of Guinness. A perfectly served Guinness is a rarity, you can’t think of another so aesthetically pleasing beer sitting on a bar. Watching the head cascade down the sides of the pint glass can be quite mesmerizing. It only gets better once you lift the pint to your lips…

In 1759 (it was 263 years ago, that is, a long time ago), Arthur Guinness wanted to start a brewery. So he found a landlord in Dublin willing to give him a 9,000-year lease (that’s a super-duper-long-ass time) and he founded the St. James Gate Brewery, the birthplace of the iconic dry stout.

Today, Guinness is enjoyed around the world, and not just on St. Patrick’s Day. Although we all assume that beer is popular in Ireland, the UK and across the pond here in America, but I’m sure you’d be surprised to hear that the country with the third most high consumption of Guinness is actually Nigeria.

As you’ll see in the gallery below, people don’t just indulge in Guinness at the pub, they wear their loyalty on their sleeves. Many of the Guinness tattoos we found feature a toucan balancing a pint on its beak, which at first glance seems odd for an Irish beer brand. Toucans thrive in the tropics, Ireland is about as far from the tropics as you can get on the weather spectrum. The alcoholic cousin of sam the toucan East the brainchild of John Gilroy, who designed the memorable ad featuring the toucan after being inspired by watching a seal swing a ball on its nose at the circus. The series of ads featured not only the aforementioned seal and toucan, but also a turtle and a monkey, all enjoying a nice pint.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, friends! Sláinte!


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