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Star Wars fans are known to be pretty vocal about their love for the franchise. Sometimes that leads to them scolding people on the internet in a not-so-polite way about details from the galaxy far, far away. But it’s May 4th, so we’re not going to focus on the negative today, we’re going to see how delicious unbridled passion can be.

Several times in the past we have shown the many awesome tattoo tributes to George Lucas’ biggest fans. This in itself is not very impressive. Almost all the fans are horny and tattooed. Although we’ve seen thousands of Harry Potter, anime, and Spider-man tattoos, they all tend to be faithful, serious take on fandom. Star Wars fans, on the other hand, tend to get a little weird with things.

It makes sense when you think about it. Sure, we may feel like we’re inundated with all things Star Wars these days, but that wasn’t always the case. Until the late 90s, there were only about 400 minutes of Star Wars to watch. [Editor’s Note: I’m including Episodes IV, V and VI and rounding up with 12 minutes of the Holiday Special attached because I’m a sicko] There are only so many people who will want the old standards like Han Solo posing with a blaster, Princess Leia chained next to Jabba, or Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader dueling on Bespin. If you’re looking to get a Star Wars tattoo that doesn’t look like every other Star Wars tattoo, you’ll need to think outside the box.

When I started writing this article looking for weird Star Wars tattoos, I thought I’d find a few, like the one of Baby Yoda (real name: Grogu) sipping on a White Claw. I learned very quickly that there are an abundance of hilarious Star Wars tattoos out there. Want Darth Maul as Biggie Smalls, two kings who were slain long before their time? We have you. Have you ever thought it would be cool if a duck enrolled in the academy and became a Jedi? We have that too. And if you’re the kind of person who loves cultural encounters, we’ve got you covered.

In the gallery below, you’ll find some of the most creative Star Wars tattoos we’ve ever seen. You really have to take your hat off to both the artist and the person wearing the tattoo for coming up with original concepts from well-known sources. Imagine how much better the Star Wars universe would be if JJ Abrams had this skill? [Editor’s Note: Yeah, I know I said no negativity, but I needed to get in at least one shot. Like Han.]

May the Force be with you, and also with these goofy Star Wars tattoos.


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