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As the hours of the clock tick by slowly on this working day, I’m stuck daydreaming about the weekend. With the weather finally turning nice, I’ll grab the old clubs and hit the golf course for 18 holes of utter aggravation and misery. The idea occurred to me that I could write a little thing about golf tattoos, but the naysayer that lives in my brain told me that was a ridiculous idea.

How many golf tattoos can there even be? You don’t see many guys walking the Augusta 18th fairway while sporting full sleeves of American Traditional. And if we’re being completely honest, golf has a reputation for being a little pretentious, so I figured the choices would be slim.

I was thrilled to learn, as you’ll see in the golf tattoo gallery below, that I was incredibly wrong. Turns out there are a lot of people like me who huddle in the midpoint of the Venn diagram between tattoos and golf. You’d think a tattoo journalist like me wouldn’t have assumed that golfers hate tattoos, especially considering how many articles I end up writing contain commentary against the stereotypes tattooed people face.

Anyway, golf. What a stupid waste of time this sport. But it’s also one of the most compelling and enjoyable ways to spend a great day. And that’s where the appeal is for me. Hitting a horrible shot in the rough is completely infuriating, sinking a putt from 25 feet is pure ecstasy. Golf is so stimulating, both physically and mentally, but also completely relaxing. It maintains an excellent yin-yang balance, giving a well-played game a meditative feel.

Of course, I don’t really know what a well-played game looks like. My outings consist of driving the cart at top speed, drinking copious amounts of adult beverages, and muttering language so explicit under my breath that it would make even the saltiest sea bass blush. Yet I keep going back and guaranteeing that all other golfers understand that exact sentiment.

In a way, it’s like tattoos. You get hurt again and again, but it’s worth it. Either way, check out this gallery of awesome golf tattoos. There is not a bogey in the peloton. Enjoy.


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