Get creative with temporary tattoos with this quick and painless handheld device


The Prinker M is a portable temporary tattoo device that allows you to imprint your own designs on your body without the need for needles.

It’s not uncommon to want a design that’s unique to you stamped on your body. But if you’re not quite ready for a permanent tattoo, or just want to try one out for fun or even as part of a costume, then a new portable device offers an ingenious solution for printing your own. patterns on your skin. .

The Prinker is a tool that quickly and easily imprints your chosen pattern onto your skin, and it has to be seen to be believed. In the video below, you’ll see the flagship Prinker S at work; but at CES 2022, a brand new lightweight and portable version named Prinker M was introduced.

The Prinker S model in action

Self-proclaimed as the “world’s first digital temporary tattoo device“, it works by first selecting, uploading or drawing the design you would like to have on your body through the official app. Then you send this drawing to the device via a Bluetooth connection, and once this step is complete, you roll it along your body (after first applying the primer) so that the ink is applied in a few seconds and your temporary tattoo is complete.

Trust Tattoos? Our familiar temporary tattoo logo, courtesy of Prinker

After a fairly literal hands-on demonstration of the Prinker M, one of our colleagues found himself with a temporary tribute on his arm to the tech website he will always hold close to his heart. Chris Walsh could only say “I couldn’t believe how fast it was!” after the fast procedure. (Un)fortunately for him, it will take about three days to fade.

The Prinker M weighs just 169g (almost half the weight of the Prinker S) and its prints can measure up to 18 x 1000mm. Usable on paper or skin, you will get approximately 1000 impressions from each cosmetic ink cartridge you use.

One of the main selling points of these innovative machines is the vibrant online community that comes with it; the subscription-based app and website has 20,000 active users, who have generated 40,000 pieces of user-generated content to complement the 11,000 ready-to-use designs available. This content platform is apparently already used daily in more than 80 countries around the world, and these impressive numbers are likely to increase further now that a portable version should be available shortly.


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