Fresh Farmer’s Market Tattoos – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Designs


Well, it’s another Sunday morning. What are you going to do this time, sleep until 2 p.m., order food, and spend all day nursing that terrible hangover, like you’ve been doing for the past three Sundays? Or will you finally wake up early for once, grab your vitamins, and haul your ass off to the local farmer’s market for the ingredients to cook a healthy meal later? Yes, we thought so… you don’t need those elite heirloom tomatoes, your freezer burnt pizza rolls taste great.

Just kidding, farmers markets are great! Not only does your money go directly to supporting local farmers and their families, but you can also get fresh produce and seasonal items, find out where your food comes from, and prices are often more affordable. Not to mention, food tastes better, and being presented with such a wide and colorful selection of treats displayed on all those tables will surely encourage you to try something new. You won’t find a community of growers and shoppers as eager to share their tips and recipes on all things food and cooking at a grocery store, either – at the Farmer’s Market, you’re sure to feel the love.

If you’re a fan of those utopias of glistening fruits and vegetables, an assortment of hummus in countless different flavors, and endless rows of organic candles, you’ll surely be in favor of these farmers market tattoos. One thing is for sure, all the girls in health, nature, and chefs will tell you that once you start shopping at the Farmer’s Market, there’s no going back. So go ahead and buy a gigantic bundle of spinach and get a tattoo inspired by nature’s gifts to mankind to remind you to take the trip the next time you’d rather sleep.


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