Forbidden Peak Brewery’s 3rd Auketoberfest kicks off Friday


Auketoberfest banner and table with goods for sale. (Photos courtesy of Jasz Garrett/KINY)

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Forbidden Peak’s annual Auketoberfest kicked off Sept. 30, with German-inspired beer and food.

Makayla Chappell, Marketing and Sales Manager of Forbidden Peak, spoke about the brewery’s festivities this month.

“Auketoberfest is an annual celebration that we have here in Auke Bay, Alaska. Try to showcase a lot of German-inspired beer and food with Red Spruce. So it’s a really fun time of year for us because we kind of have a little more creative freedom with the beers we serve, we try to make them in a more traditional way, but with an Auke Bay flair to them.

Chappell explained how they get creative with menu items.

“We put together different dishes with chef Lionel from Red Spruce, and we kind of give him creative freedom to do whatever he wants. We kind of give him a structure based on German traditions. The owners, Skye and Sara, have actually been to the real Oktoberfest in Germany, so they’re super excited about that, so we really like to do some traditional food with Red Spruce, as far as the beers go, we try to keep it pretty traditional every year with our own adjustments.”

Above: An Auketoberfest flight with a Bavarian pretzel. From left to right: Radler, Helles Lager, Auketoberfest Märzen and Aukeness Black Lager.

Chappell commented on the presentation of local artists at Auketoberfest.

“It lasts until Sunday October 16. And on October 15 and 16, Saturday and Sunday, we will have an artists’ market. So we invite nine different artists a day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to come and sell their crafts. There So has everything from prints to jewelry to home décor.”

She also said that they are looking for different artists to design each year’s chart.

“Each year we had a different artist for the design. This year it was designed by a tattoo artist here in town, Em Lang. She did an amazing job. We’re super excited to have a different artist. So it’s nice of what we’ve been doing for the past few years is trying to bring in a new artist, someone local who can help us design the graphics for Auketoberfest.”

Below: Tattoo artist High Tide Em Lang’s graphic, available as stickers, posters and t-shirts.

If a local artist would like to be included in a future Artist Market, they can contact them through the Forbidden Peak website, email [email protected], or drop a business card in the tasting room, explains Chappell.

She went on to explain how this year’s festival differs from the previous two.

“In a way the first year we were able to be a bit more creative with COVID. Obviously being always there and present, it’s been really difficult for us to understand this event for the last few years. So for this year, don’t having so many strict mitigation plans has been nice just to have more people join us this year. Because over the last few years we’ve really, really tried. We always maintain cleanliness and comfort levels for everyone when they it’s about Auketoberfest. So we’re glad more people are joining us, but always in a safe way.”

Above: Half roast chicken. Below: A warm apple streusel for a German dessert. (Both from Red Spruce’s Auketoberfest menu.)


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