Flavortown’s best tattoos!


Guy Fieri’s career is a real anomaly. It’s incredibly rare for someone to go from loved to mocked to loved without a major career-altering event. Fieri has always been the same guy, the only thing that has changed is how the world feels about him.

After achieving a decent level of local fame with his various restaurants in Northern California, Fieri became known nationally when “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” premiered on the Food Network. Over 35 seasons, Fieri has visited hundreds of different establishments showcasing local specialties. And by “local delights” we mean some of the most ridiculous and mouth-watering concoctions you’ve ever seen. Restaurants that were once known only locally have come to see customers flocking in from all over the country.

Fieri’s enthusiasm was contagious and the show became a success. But at the same time, his image and his schtick began to wear down after a while. Being authentic can only get you so far in pop culture that inevitably the masses will start to turn against you. There was no joy in Flavortown…until there was.

Starting with the premier of “Guys Grocery Games”, Fieri started winning people back. The show is an odd mix of “Supermarket Sweep” and “Chopped” as the chefs must roam the Flavortown supermarket to gather what they need to create a trio of meals. The winner takes home $20,000 and even the toughest characters will burst into tears upon hearing each contestant’s story.

As wildfires became commonplace in California, Fieri also set up shop and cooked for all the firefighters. During the pandemic, Fieri has also done his best to help restaurant workers who have suddenly found themselves out of work, giving back to the industry he loves so much.

In an industry that caters mostly to the elite and intellectuals, Guy Fieri is an ordinary guy who just wants to taste something that regrows his bleached blonde hair. And as a tattooed gentleman himself, we’re guessing Fieri would give his thumbs up to all of the amazing Guy Fieri tattoos below. These are the Flavortown tattoos!


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