Fantastic Sister Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate Your Bond


While couple tattoos are sweet and romantic, sister tattoos celebrate a deeper, more permanent bond. You can’t break up or divorce your sister, after all. So if you have a good relationship with your sister, consider getting a tattoo to commemorate your bond.

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It’s easy to get lost in the myriad of tattoo ideas that celebrate brotherhood. So we’ve rounded up the best of the best, while giving you some insight on how to create your own matching sister tattoo design. Grab your sister (or sisters) and see what styles inspire you.

Meaningful Sister Tattoos

The most important aspect of getting matching sister tattoos is that whatever design you choose has meaning for you. First, decide who is going to get a tattoo: Do ​​you have only one sister? Or if you have two sisters, maybe you can get a trio tattoo. Do you have a brother who might want to get a similar tattoo? Do your parents want one too? This is always a good starting point before thinking about design.

Then focus on what matters to you and your sister (or sisters). Here are some brainstorming items to get you thinking about what you might want your tattoos to look like:

Shared hobbies and passions

Start thinking about what you and your sister really like. Are you really into nature? A particular activity, craft or sport?

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If you have common passions or if there is something specific that you really bond over, this could be a good starting point for creating a tattoo design.

Nicknames and inside jokes

Next, consider any nicknames you have for each other or names you called each other growing up. If you have any funny inside jokes, those could also be great inspiration for tattoos, especially if you want something unique that only the two of you will truly understand on a deeper level.

Quotes or special words

For some people, getting a tattoo of a quote or just a word seems more authentic than getting a tattoo of an illustration. If you have a favorite TV show, movie, or book, you might consider a line a tattoo. Or you could get a tattoo of a quote from someone you both admire. Maybe there is a word or mantra that defines your relationship or suits your bond. If you don’t have a particular favorite quote or mantra, but know you want a word tattoo, check out these sister quotes for inspiration.

Animal Sister Tattoos

sisters of matching butterfly tattoos

Many sisters choose animals as tattoos. Not only does an animal make a cute tattoo, but it can also be a fun way to visually define big sister and little sister roles. Plus, who doesn’t love animals? (Psychopaths. Who is that.) Here are some of the most common animal tattoos that make great matching sister tattoos:

bird tattoos

Bird tattoos usually symbolize freedom and flight. Getting matching bird tattoos could be a fun way to commemorate a big milestone in your life, like graduating from high school or college. Different birds also have different meanings.

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Owls symbolize wisdom while doves symbolize peace. You can use birds to symbolize almost any meaningful word or value that the two of you share. If you don’t want to have a full bird, feather tattoos are also a good option.

Butterfly Tattoos

Beautiful and intricate, butterfly tattoos are beautiful to look at. A butterfly tattoo symbolizes beauty and femininity. So if you and your sister are more on the girl side, this animal design can really speak to you. There are also many options for creating your own butterfly design – a butterfly can be any color, in profile or flat and it can be large or small.

Pet Tattoos

Another creative animal tattoo to get is one of your childhood pets. If you grew up with a beloved dog or cat (or turtle), getting a tattoo of your pet is a great way to honor that animal and celebrate your brotherly bond. You can take a photo of your pet to your tattoo artist to help them find the right design.

Sister Nature Tattoos

flower tattoos on arms

If you and your sister are passionate about the natural world in any way, getting a nature-inspired tattoo can be meaningful and also pretty from a design standpoint. Here are some ideas from nature that make great tattoos:

Seashell Tattoos

For ocean lovers, getting a small seashell is a great way to celebrate your affinity for the sea as well as your brotherly bond. With so many designs to choose from, you’re bound to find something you both love.

Flower Tattoos

Flowers make for beautiful tattoos and each flower has its own meaning which makes the design even more special. You can choose your favorite flowers or get tattoos of each other’s birth flowers.

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There’s a lot of room for creativity here with shape, color, and size. You can make just a small daisy or an entire garden.

celestial tattoos

If you love astrology, a celestial tattoo can be a great option. You can get complementary tattoos with one person getting a moon tattoo and the other a star tattoo. You can also get a zodiac or constellation tattoo to celebrate your signs. These tattoos can be simple and small or more intricate, depending on your taste.

cartoon sister tattoos

disney character tattoo stitch

Many of us befriended our siblings through TV shows and movies when we were young. Getting a cartoon is a great way to honor your relationship and remember when you grew up together. These ideas may jog your memory and help you discover the perfect cartoon tattoo for you:

Disney Tattoos

From princesses to villains, we all have our favorite Disney characters. Think about the characters you loved when you were a kid to see if any of them can make for interesting tattoo designs.

If you and your sister are Disney lovers, you might consider getting tattoos of classic characters like Minnie, Daisy, or Tinkerbell. Or, you could get simple mouse ears to symbolize your love for all things Disney.

Powerpuff girls tattoos

For those with three sisters, Powerpuff girls are the perfect option for a cartoon tattoo. The characters are cute yet tough and the design makes for great tattoo art.

Likeness Cartoon Tattoos

You and your sister might consider drawing caricatures of yourselves to symbolize your sisterly bond. From stick figure tattoos to intricate anime-inspired designs, anime inspired by you makes for a unique choice.

Sister Tattoo Placement Ideas

tattoo neon sign in the window
(Picture by Caroline Hernández on Unsplash)

Some people like to come up with a design before deciding where to place their tattoo. Others like to have a place in mind first. Discuss with your tattoo artist what is possible to determine the best spot for you. They’ve probably seen it all – tattoos on the shoulders, tattoos on the feet, tattoos around the wrist, on the fingers – so they can help you fine-tune the placement if you’re not sure. what would suit you best.

get inked

Getting a tattoo with your sister is a great bonding experience. The tattoo itself is a visual reminder of the love you share and the connection you will always have.

If your sister isn’t up for a tattoo, maybe ask mom to get a tattoo instead? These mother daughter tattoos will provide great inspiration and maybe even help convince your sister that matching tattoos could be a super fun idea.


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