Face the Truth — Proper Aftercare of the Face Tattoo


It has been celebrity tattoo week. Indeed, according to The GuardianThere has been an increase in facial tattoos for almost two years now, both in the celebrity world and in normal people. As with any tattoo, aftercare is important, but people tend to use special products on their face for acne, aging, and more. Could these products damage tattoos? Depending on the ingredients, they could be.

If you are using any acne products, special moisturizers, or serums on your face, you might be wondering which products are safe for your facial tattoo. Your first line of defense is of course to talk to your tattoo artist – ask if your exact products are safe for long term use on your tattoos, but there are a few basic ingredients to always avoid using on your tattoos. tattoos. Most artists are happy to answer questions, especially when it comes to taking the best care of their work.

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There are certain ingredients that you just should never come into contact with your tattoo, new or old. Of course, you know the rules of cleaning and moisturizing your tattoo while it’s fresh, but your age-old anti-acne facial cleanser might not be safe, even for your healed facial tattoo.

Ingredients to watch out for in washes and moisturizers according to Tattoo like the pros include alcohol, perfume, or heavy lotions that clog your pores. Alcohol and perfumes dry out and damage the skin even when you don’t have tattoos making it a nightmare for inked skin as they quickly break down ink and skin. Make sure your daily facial cleanser, moisturizer, and whatever else you can use for your face is alcohol-free to avoid irritation and discoloration.

Clogged pores can lead to infections, but Health Line says the worst thing a person can do is tackle a zit on a tattoo. If you happen to have a pimple on your tattoo you should leave it as it is, that’s right, don’t take it and don’t treat it. If anything, go to your doctor and get help. If you notice that a pore is clogged and becomes painful, see your dermatologist for advice (but we don’t need to tell you). Tattoo forums share that popular anti-acne products such as benzoyl peroxide can lighten and discolor tattoos, which means you may have to stop using this anti-acne facial cleanser if you want your facial ink to hold the shot. Many acne products are astringent and far too harsh for tattoo ink.



Sunscreen is one of the most important parts of long term tattoo aftercare, especially when your tattoo is on the face and will not be covered by clothing. According to a artist who interviewed Bustle, using sunscreens with minimal amounts of chemicals and a high SPF is crucial to keeping your ink sharp. Again, since this is a product applied to your face, be sure to look for SPFs and non-comedogenic moisturizers to avoid rashes and clogged pores.

Tattoos need special care, so if you can’t stop the Accutane or harsh chemical treatments, face tattoos might not be for you. Who knows, maybe you will find a new and improved face routine after getting a tattoo on your face.


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