Dr. Woo launches Woo Skincare, tattoo care products


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Dr WooThe mark is bigger than just tattoos. The artist – whose list of famous clients includes Justin and Hailey Bieber, Demi Lovato and Zoë Kravitz, to name a few – has just launched his own skincare brand, and although each of his products are specially designed to be safe to use for tattoo aftercare, they are all generally safe for everyone’s skin, inked or not.

“I always had very sensitive skin growing up,” he told POPSUGAR. “I have eczema, so I always had rashes. When I started getting a tattoo at a very young age, they kept getting infected and they didn’t heal very well. And I was like, “Oh man, maybe it’s ‘this is for me.'”

Dr Woo later realized that the culprit behind his frequent skin reactions were the products he used: “They had odors, weird chemicals, and other unnecessary ingredients that weren’t needed.” did he declare. “At a young age I was introduced to the importance of skin care, which a lot of young people don’t think about, so this launch is very personal to me.”

After two years of manufacture, its line, Woo Skin Care, officially launched on August 12 with four products: bar soap, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and a complete care kit with mild soap and moisturizer, all inspired by his work as a tattoo artist.

“I work so closely with the skin – taking care of people’s skin and giving them tattoo aftercare tips – that I really wanted to create something for everyone.”

“I work so closely with the skin – taking care of people’s skin and giving them tattoo aftercare tips – that I really wanted to create something for everyone,” he said. . “The number one question I get is, ‘How do I take care of this thing when I leave here? And we have this scripted recap of what to use, and I just felt something was missing. The general spirit of Woo Skincare is that it is perfect for your new tattoo but also everywhere else. There are no unnecessary ingredients. It’s clean, simple. “

At the start of the pandemic, Woo launched his Cleansing Bars, which he donated to Baby 2 Baby. Now, with the exception of the sunscreen which won’t ship until November, all of the brand’s products are available for purchase on its official website.

“The first drop is the post-tattoo treatment, and it comes with a mild cleansing soap and moisturizer. This one is close to my heart,” he said. “It just calms the skin. It’s specifically for tattoos, but I even use it on my kids now – the ingredients, we’ve formulated them with anti-inflammatory properties so that each product is good for everyone’s skin. the world. Everything is also water based, so it doesn’t clog the pores. “

In addition to the products, Woo has created an exclusive piece of art that you will only get when you purchase any product from the range. Read ahead to buy them all.


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