Delhi tattoo artist Karan who tattooed his eyeballs says he has no regrets


Tattoo artist known as ‘Tattoographer Karan’ says he is the first Indian to get his eyeballs tattooed

New Delhi:

Karan, 28, a full-time professional tattoo artist and piercer based in Delhi, says he has lost count of the number of tattoos he has on his own body. But his latest tattoo is one he won’t soon forget. Karan says he is the first Indian to have his eyeballs tattooed.

Eyeball tattoos, also known as scleral tattoos, are a relatively new extreme body modification where needles inject ink into the whites of a person’s eyes to permanently dye it in a different color. Long term effects are unknown.

Karan says he was 13 when he got his first tattoo. At 16, he began tattooing “as a hobby” and soon opened his own tattoo studio in the capital.

“Right now I have countless tattoos and 22 piercings all over me,” Karan told NDTV, adding that his full tattoo combination is a work in progress. “Eventually, I will only have one tattoo: from head to toe and toe.”

Six months after starting his ambitious full body suit, the tattoo artist known as ‘Tattoographer Karan’ started wondering what he would look like if he got his eyeballs tattooed. He says he spent months debating whether to opt for the permanent procedure and discussed it with his family and friends. “Once they were convinced and knew I was 100% sure…they supported my decision,” he says.

The procedure, which cost thousands of dollars, was performed by an Australian tattoo artist, who Karan says invented the eyeball tattoo, at a tattoo studio in New York, US.

“Of the 7.5 billion people on the planet, only a few hundred have it. Of the 1.3 billion Indians, I am the first person to have my eyeballs tattooed permanently.” he proudly.

Karan says he was repeatedly asked about the pain factor. He becomes philosophical in his answer. “My one and only answer is – nothing can hurt me.”

“Pain and injury are perspectives,” he explains. “Pain is only a fear and limitation in the mind.” Although he acknowledges, the procedure was “like a red-hot needle going into your eyeball.”

Karan says one place he didn’t expect to get compliments on his new tattoos was during an airport security check as he was leaving the United States. “I was admired and appreciated,” he says.

On social networks too, he says he is pleasantly surprised by the largely positive reactions of people. “I expected the opposite, given the unconventional and unique appearance,” he admits. “Still, I was lucky enough to receive love.”

If the procedure sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because at least two incidents of botched eyeball tattoos made headlines earlier this year. In the most recent, a Canadian model was left partially blind. Calling the incident tragic, Karan urges anyone considering getting an eyeball tattoo to have the cutting-edge procedure done in a professional manner.

The self-taught tattoo artist says the body art trend is booming in India. “Eleven years ago when I started tattooing, the tattoo profession didn’t even exist here. Today we have artists doing tattoos in every city in India.”

Karan says if there is one person he could tattoo, it would be Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “It would be something patriotic, like ‘Jai Hind“on his hand,” Karan said. “It will go with her powerful personality.” Click for more trending information


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