David Beckham’s tattoos: where are they and what do they mean?


David Beckham has always been one to express himself through his personal appearance.

We’ve seen the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and England midfielder sport a range of different hairstyles over the years, display questionable outfits and play with the length of his facial hair.

What he is also known for, away from the football pitch, is the number of tattoos he has spread across his body. But where are they and what do they represent? GOAL have a look.

Beckham’s head and neck tattoos

We’ll start with Beckham’s head and neck tattoos.

Perhaps the most famous of the former England captain’s body inks is on the back of his neck; a Gothic-style outline of a cross with wings, placed above the name of his son, Romeo.

David Beckham's tattoo

Beckham also has his daughter’s name, Harper, tattooed on his neck, to which he later added the words “Pretty Lady” on her fourth birthday.

The former Man Utd and Real Madrid midfielder devoted a good part of his body to tributes to his children, with the words ‘Dadda’ and ‘Buster’ a piece to celebrate his relationship with his eldest son, Brooklyn , on his neck. .

Above the aforementioned “Pretty Lady” tattoo on the left of her neck, Beckham now has a rose, and below “Buster” on the right, it has the head of a horse, a nod to her wife, Victoria.

He also has a flock of birds rising towards his left ear, which has a black heart engraved on it, while there is also an image of the solar system which is often hidden by his hair.

Beckham’s sleeve tattoos

On Beckham’s right shoulder he has a tattoo of an angel and two cherubs with the words “In the face of adversity”. It came a month after former personal assistant Rebecca Loos claimed she had an affair with the star.

Below the angel is a cloud filler, with another angel below. Beckham also has the words “Hate They So Much They Fear” written on his arm, a quote synonymous with the ancient Roman Emperor Caligula.

On the same arm are the words “Pray for me”, while he has a hummingbird and the name of his wife, Victoria, on his wrist.

David Beckham's tattoo

On the other side, Beckham has a piece inspired by Cupid and Psyche, based on a 15th century painting by Francesco Francia.

Beckham also has another rose tattoo, this time marking the tenth anniversary with his wife, Victoria, and an image of her below.

Another tribute to Victoria comes in the form of her name on the inside of her forearm, inked in Sanskrit, although it has since been revealed that it actually translates to “Vihctoria”.

The couple also have Hebrew tattoos, which they got to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. These translate to “I am to my beloved and my beloved is mine”.

Beckham also has the number seven tattooed in Roman numerals on his other forearm, along with the Latin phrase “Ut Amem Et Foveam”, which translates to “Thus that I love and treasure”.

On his right wrist he has ‘VIII.V.MMVI’, a tattoo which represents May 8, 2006 – the date he and Victoria took part in a secret engagement ceremony.

Beckham’s body tattoos

In 2011, Beckham had a large chest added to his collection. He opted for an image of himself as Jesus, with three cherubs representing his sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

“It’s Jesus being carried by three cherubim and obviously the cherubim are my boys and so I think at some point my boys are going to have to take care of me and that’s what they’re doing in the picture,” Beckham previously “It means a lot.”

On the other side there is an image that represents a lady immersed in a forest, although the meaning of this piece is unknown.

Beckham has a vertical tattoo on his left side in Chinese symbols, which translates to “Death and life have fixed appointments.” Wealth and honor depend on heaven. It also has the year of his birth, 1975, a tribute to his mother and father and the words “We Love You Daddy”.

He has another piece dedicated to his father under his right armpit, a ship at full mast – an identical piece that his father tattooed himself on.

Slightly below the ship is another religious piece, with biblical scripture covering its ribcage. On the other side, Beckham has an eagle in flight, and the head of an Indian chief.

Beckham also has a black and white depiction of Jesus on his way to be crucified from the famous painting ‘The Man of Sorrows’, a tribute to his grandfather who died in 2010.

Beckham’s back tattoos

Beckham has a number of tattoos on his back, with the guardian angel between his shoulder blades representing his first piece of body art.

Below it has the name of his youngest son, Cruz, and the name of his eldest, Brooklyn, on his lower back.

Above the guardian angel tattoo, to which he later added wings, is the name of the second son, Romeo.

David Beckham's tattoo

Beckham’s hand tattoos

Beckham has the word “Love” written in large letters on the top of his left hand, with a swallow on either side.

He also has the words “Lead with love” and the numbers “723”, a combination of his famous shirt numbers seven and 23. The word “seven” is on his index finger, the number “7” is on his little finger. and a rose is inked on her ring finger.

David Beckham's tattoo

He has a hummingbird on his right hand, along with his wife’s name, Victoria, and the words “Dream big, be unrealistic”. Beckham also wears number ’32’, the shirt he wore when on loan at AC Milan.

On his little finger he has tattooed ’99’ – the year he got married – while he has a little girly stick figure inside his hand, designed by his daughter, Harper.

Beckham’s foot and ankle tattoos

One of Beckham’s more recent pieces comes in the form of two angels inside his leg, spanning his shin.

Beckham has a large amount of religiously inspired tattoos on his body, with this one featuring a detailed image of a tightly wrapped male and female angel while running free.

Also on his left leg, the United legend has a lion’s head on his quad and a bird on his calf.

How many tattoos does David Beckham have?

At the time of this writing, the former England star is believed to have over 60 tattoos, although that number is expected to continue to rise.

Brooklyn Beckham’s Tattoos

Following in his father’s footsteps, David’s eldest son, Brooklyn, began decorating his body.

The 23-year-old, who is an avid photographer and part-time model, has a camera on his arm and the word ‘Click’ on his shutter finger, as well as a large drawing of Cupid on his chest .

Brooklyn also has the words “Made in England” printed on her foot, a rose on her rib cage and a compass inside her arm.

He also has an Indian chief tattoo similar to his father’s tattooed on his forearm, “1975” on his hand, a tribute to his mother on his shoulder, “buster” on his navel and a number of others. small prints on his body. .

“Fortunately, I don’t feel like I’ve done anything [mistakes] with my tattoos. My son started it and I’m sure he will make mistakes,” David said. “But it’s part of life and being part of being creative. It’s something you can’t stop someone from doing, it’s holding them back.

Brooklyn has continued to add to his collection of tattoos lately, getting “Lover” on his index finger – in a nod to fiancée Nicola Peltz – with the message “Our Little Bubble” on his upper right hand.

He also has rosaries in his hand, words from a love letter written by Peltz, and the phrase “My life, my love, my truth, my breath, my reason, my beauty, my precious” on his right arm. .

Romeo Beckham’s tattoos

Brooklyn’s younger brother, Romeo, was inspired by his famous dad to launch his collection.

The 19-year-old, who is forging his own professional football career at Inter Miami II, has angel wings and a cross tattooed on his neck – a design that mirrors David’s.

Romeo also has a bird next to the words “Lead with love” on his hand.

Victoria Beckham’s Tattoos

David’s love of body art is obviously shared by his wife, Victoria, as the former Spice Girl has a number of tattoos herself.

She has five stars imprinted on her lower back, a Hebrew coin running down her neck, and various other coins on her arms and hands.

Victoria has David’s initials on her left wrist, along with another Hebrew phrase that translates to “Together, forever, forever”; a mark of her 10-year wedding anniversary to David.

She has the same VIII-V-MMVI tattoo that David has on her other wrist, and the words “De Integro” next to it.

Who is David Beckham’s tattoo artist?

While a few tattoo artists have worked on Beckham over the years, it’s Shamrock Social Club’s Mark Mahoney who has recently been a fixture.

Her Los Angeles salon has seen some of the biggest names in the world pass through its doors, with Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga and Rihanna all regulars.

“I have a handful of people who will get tattoos all the time, but not as many as David,” Mahoney told the daily star. “He’s the only one who doesn’t feel pain. He sits amazingly and is the perfect customer. He makes great conversation at the same time. It’s like he’s one with the universe when he was getting a tattoo. He’s very tough.”

The majority of Beckham’s tattoos were done by Louis Malloy, one of the UK’s most highly regarded tattoo artists. Molloy owns a studio in Manchester and was the artist behind Beckham’s early body art.

Other artists who have worked on Beckham’s body are a tattoo artist named Gabe, owner of Ace Dragon Tattoo in Hong Kong, and Dr Woo from LA – who now works on Romeo.


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