Dad slammed for calling 8-year-old son ‘trashy’ over temporary tattoos


A dad is being slammed online after calling his 8-year-old son’s temporary tattoos ‘absolutely trashy’, prompting a lot of negative comments with his post.

The Reddit post, shared to the “Am I the asshole” subreddit by Redditor @Illustrious-Act-439is titled “AITA for saying I should have been asked before my son got a massive ‘tattoo’?” The post has garnered over 6,000 upvotes since it was shared on May 5.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are two types of temporary tattoo stickers: those with a removable backing and those with a backing that stays directly on the skin, providing a barrier between the skin and dyes in the tattoo. .

However, not all types of dyes are known to be “safe” for the skin. A decal with an adhesive backing can protect the skin, but there may be other ingredients in the tattoo that could cause problems. The FDA has also reported people having “reactions” to decal tattoos.

health day reported that Spanish researchers found that there was a loss of moisture in the skin when using transfer tattoos as opposed to decalless skin. Moreover, it is a situation that can actually “damage the epidermis”.

In the post, the dad began by saying that his son “thinks tattoos are cool,” as well as dinosaurs, UFOs and pirates. The boy’s mother opted to do something the OP found “outrageous” by letting the child get a temporary fake tattoo on his sleeve depicting dinosaurs, UFOs and pirates.

The boy’s father found out after the boy’s teacher emailed him about the tattoo, saying it was “too embarrassing”. The original poster (OP) had not seen his son since Friday as the parents share custody of the boy each week.

The PO explained, “I went to his school and surprised him. He was wearing a sweater and [I] pulled him back to see his arm. I asked him if [he] had other tattoos, and he said yes on his side. I lifted his shirt, and the sleeve goes down his side.”

“His teacher was there, and I said it looked absolutely lame and okay with him,” the OP said.

The father said the boy’s mother said she ‘couldn’t believe’ he was making a ‘big deal’ of something which is ‘the equivalent of markers’. She also reminded the PO that she doesn’t have any tattoos, but he does.

The OP concluded: “I told her she should have passed this to me first. I would have told her to tone it down. When I gave her a bath I tried to wash it off, [and] it wouldn’t go away. It’s not the cheap cereal box tattoo thing.”

A father is being slammed for calling his 8-year-old son’s temporary tattoos ‘trash’. Here, a boy with a temporary henna tattoo on his shoulder.

Over 2,100 comments poured in on the IATA post, and people overwhelmingly felt the OP was the a**hole in the situation.

One comment alone received 23,800 upvotes. “YTA [You’re the a**hole]“, said a Redditor. “A way to break the spirit of the child. Fake tattoos do not hurt anyone, and the child is happy. Why mess this up?”

The dad responded by saying, “That looks trashy. It’s okay to change my hair color or wear different socks, but a tattoo on the quarter of my body?”

While another Reddit user said “fake tattoos on kids aren’t trash”, adding, “Stop trying to give innocent happiness an adult connotation. amused at his mother’s house. Stop trying to shame her. YTA.”

Another Redditor thought the OP was at fault, and they thought the tattoo was “a fun and special thing” for the OP’s son’s mom to do for the boy, “and how ridiculous and sad for you to take that away from him. maybe he thinks he likes tattoos because you have them? That’s hypocritical.”

Some pointed out that the tattoo sleeve was fake, and one user commented that the kid “loves it and seems proud of it.” They concluded with some advice: “Stop raining on his parade. Sounds like you’re just mad that his mom did this to him.”

A user wondered if the OP was “serious” about the situation. “Your son enjoys expressing himself in an innocuous way and you are dragging him for that?” they asked. “The teacher is horrible too.”

A Redditor insisted the OP let his son “have fun” and just “be a kid.” They also don’t think the temporary tattoo is “trash” because the kid is 8 years old and having fun. They wondered why his father took away “this little sign of joy and happiness. One day he will grow up and the little things will no longer easily light up his world. Let him enjoy it while he can. miserable in your own life that you need to make your child so miserable?”

Newsweek has reached out to Redditor @Illustrious-Act-439 for comment.

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