Creative Astrology Tattoo Ideas For Each Zodiac Sign – See Pictures


Tattoos are a rewarding way to adorn your body with meaningful symbols, names you might regret later, and even animals that just look cute. If you’re having trouble figuring out which ink to get next (or first), consider a zodiac-inspired tattoo.

Whether or not you can gossip endlessly about all the intricacies of your birth chart doesn’t really matter; Zodiac tattoos can be awesome for everyone. There are myriad ways to incorporate astrology into your body art: you can choose a particular location in your birth chart to represent, such as your moon sign, or keep it classic with your “main” sun sign. (If you want a deeper understanding of the sun, moon, and other signs in your chart, this handy explainer will help.)

Each astrological sign is represented by an animal or a figure, a symbol and a constellation that can serve as inspiration for your tattoo. You can choose to tattoo any of the three or combine them into one cohesive piece. The signs are also divided into three natural elements – fire, water, air and earth – which make great tattoo images.

Whether or not you know the difference between your sun, moon, and rising sign, let this guide to zodiac tattoos (presented chronologically by sign, of course) convince you.


Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, represented by a V-shaped symbol with curved tips. The fire sign is also represented by Aries, as pictured below in the design created by the Texas-based tattoo artist. Isabelle Almaleh. Behind the detailed ram, she added a crescent moon surrounded by dot shadow and added a long, thin leaf wreath around the entire piece. The red of the ink is specific to the sign of fire.

Courtesy of Instagram/@hellabellatattoos


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