Costume Therapy’s skeleton jewelry is loved by scientists and Vogue cover stars


The brand’s unique work caught the attention of the British vogue‘s editor Edward Enninful, who selected an eye-catching piece for the cover and pages of the August 2022 Pride issue. Model Jordan Barrett wears the Centipede Glove – the result of tireless work and intricate carpentry techniques – which can be worn alone or on both arms as sleeve armour.

Katarina has, for the most part, operated as a one-woman team throughout her career. Today, she does the initial design and sculpting process herself, then hires a specialist to cast her prototypes in wax. “I have boxes full of sculpted ideas…I could go on and on,” she shares.

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Then, she carefully manufactures pieces in collaboration with a workshop in Bali, where she is based. “I work with an extremely intelligent jeweler, a kind of genius who is always ready to learn, experiment and explore,” she explains. The final step? Assemble the work by hand itself.

The vogue The shoot was a defining moment for her career, but Katarina has her eyes on her head. Who would she like to see wearing costume therapy next? Grimes or Grace Jones – you can understand why.


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