Consumer protection agency warns of temporary tattoos and face painting after allergic reactions


TOKYO – As Halloween season approaches, the Consumer Affairs Agency is warning people that temporary tattoos, face paint and other products could irritate the skin.

The agency called for caution in a review, saying people should choose products that include written reviews to read before use, and apply them only after testing less visible areas of their body.

The agency’s accident information database has already identified six cases, with people ranging from preschoolers to people in their 30s. In two cases, the users experienced side effects that took a month to heal completely.

The database received reports including inflammation caused by applying a temporary tattoo to the cheeks, a rash that spread all over the body from the face after using face paint and a Temporary tattoo sticker that will not come off and rub against the skin enough to scab and leave a scar.

The National Consumer Center of Japan tested 11 temporary tattoo products and nine makeup products sold on the Internet. They found formaldehyde, the use of which in cosmetics is banned in Japan, in three of the tattoo items and one of the face paints.

In addition, chromium was found in two products and cobalt in nine. These two substances are known to cause allergies to metals. It appears that the metals are components of dyes, but the goods do not indicate that they were used to make the items.

In all cases, the concentrations were low and the causal relationship between the substances and the conditions is unknown. But the Consumer Agency commented: “As these products are different from conventional cosmetics, whose safety has been confirmed, we particularly advise children, who have thinner skin than adults, and people with allergies to do exercise caution. ”

(Japanese original by Reiko Oka, Lifestyle and Medical News Department)


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