Client horrified to find tattoo artist hid his initials in design


A client took to Reddit to ask users if they were wrong to be angry that their tattoo artist changed their design and secretly added their initials

A client was furious when he discovered his tattoo artist had secretly ‘branded’ him with his initials.

Sharing on Reddit, the client revealed how she visited a tattoo shop in her area armed with a picture of the design she wanted.

The “special” design was a duplicate of the one their father, late grandfather and great-grandfather all had.

So they asked for it to be exactly as pictured.

At first they were delighted with the finished tattoo – until their great-grandmother pointed out something strange to them.

“A few weeks later, when I show the tattoo to my great-grandmother, she grabs my arm to look at it and compliment it, then asks, ‘Who is AJ?’

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“I ask her what she means, and she points on the tattoo where the initials A and J or maybe T were hidden in the tattoo. I’m instantly p***ed, because my artist’s name is Alice Trever [name changed].

“She tries to assure me that it’s okay if I hadn’t noticed until now, but I reached out to the artist anyway, a little irritated.”

Unsurprisingly angry, they returned to the tattoo artist and demanded a partial refund, but the artist didn’t back down.

“They told me the style of art I got is called traditional and it’s ‘pretty traditional’ for all the artists who do that style to do it. I asked for a partial refund and they refused, so i complained to the owner who got the artist to give me a full refund.

“Now the artist is running a full smear campaign, talking about moving stores and all kinds of shit.”

They concluded the post by asking users if they were wrong for pushing the issue, but they said she deserved more than just a refund.

One person said, “I would even consider filing a complaint. They kind of branded you with their initials…And they should be fired.”

Another said: “The artist had no right to hide his initials on your skin without your consent. I would be very upset if that were done to me.”

A third added: “[Original poster] should do a call campaign and try to see if other of his clients were unknowingly “marked” as them. It could be a big lawsuit…”

And others were shocked that the artist really thought it was okay to do what they did, as one person put it: “That person directly MARKED you! Not only that, this n It’s not even the artist’s drawing, it’s a copied drawing!”

While another wrote: “It wasn’t designed to have the initials there, the artist had to alter the design to make it. And it’s not like the artist could say it’s was to protect his design from being copied or something since it’s literally someone else’s pattern!”

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