Choosing the right tattoo artist


The most important thing you can do before getting a tattoo is to take the time to find the right studio and / or artist. A lot of people just decide on a whim that they want to get a tattoo and walk into the nearest studio without giving too much thought to what they’re doing. Some are lucky and come away with a great tattoo, others are not. Here are some helpful tips to help you make up your mind and make sure you get a tattoo you’ll be proud of.

Take your time

Getting a new tattoo is exciting, and when you finally decide it’s what you want, it’s hard to wait. But it’s not something to rush into. If you really want a tattoo that you like, it will take some time. So relax and don’t be in a rush to get inked.

Visit several studios

Compare the prices. If you made a large purchase, like a car, you wouldn’t buy it from the first dealership you went to. Check out examples of the artists’ work, ask around, and take the time to stay a while and watch if you can. Ask the artists questions and see if they are friendly and willing to talk to you. If you walk around the store for half an hour and no one even asks if he can help you, he is not very proud of his job.

Examine the work

You don’t have to be an artist to be able to distinguish artistic quality from bad work. Whether you’re lucky enough to see images in an artist’s portfolio or see a live example, really take a close look at the work. It’s easy to get swayed by pretty pictures. Don’t get caught in this trap. Take a good look at the lines. They should be smooth, not jittery, jagged, or shaky. Colors should be bold and filled completely with no empty areas. The circles should look like circles, not ovals. Be objective.

Listen to your friends

Your friends can be a great resource for you. If they have had a good experience, they will probably recommend their artist. And if they had a bad experience, they may warn you not to make the same mistake. Ask around you. If you are an extrovert and see someone walking down the street with a great tattoo, don’t be afraid to ask where they got it. Most of us like to talk about our tattoos.


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