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Temporary Tattoo Market 2021 Global Regional Outlook – Temporary Tattoos, Conscious Ink, Tattly, TM International – IMIESA

Most recent research study Global Temporary Tattoo Market of includes in-depth analysis of the industry and key market trends, along with historical and projected market data. The observatory projects revenue for the temporary tattoos market from 2021 to 2027, with 2020 being the base year and 2027 the projection year. The registration divides the […]

Ephemeral temporary tattoos are great for millennials

Photo: Courtesy of Ephemeral I don’t have a tattoo myself, but I’ve always envied those who do. Obviously you look cool and sexy, but that speaks to your character as well. Imagine having that kind of commitment to permanence, to an aesthetic. He seems both reckless and resolute. Turns out I’m not the only one […]

The best temporary tattoos for adults give you all the ink with no commitment

Well done tattoos are beautiful works of art. If you wear the right sunscreen for tattoos, use proper tattoo soaps and moisture with specially designed tattoo lotions, your inked body art will look great for years, if not decades, to to come. For some, this is exactly what they want. For those of us who […]

Temporary Tattoos, TM International, Grifoll, Tattly, Tinsley Transfers, SafetyTat LLC, Game Faces – The Manomet Current

A high-end and well-documented primary and secondary research survey on the global temporary tattoo market gives an in-depth understanding of the current business model and its critical components. The multidimensional study approach effectively combines factual data obtained from reliable market players indicating market size and volume as well as market share. It also assesses the […]

Prinker empowers kids to express themselves through instant digital temporary tattoos

Prinker, the world’s first digital temporary tattoo device, makes tattoos family friendly by allowing kids to design and print their tattoos instantly and safely with FDA registered cosmetic inks VCRP IRVINE, Calif., September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Nurturing a child’s creative streak shouldn’t mean having to tolerate messy, scrawled, permanent marker walls scribbled […]

Temporary Tattoos For Kids Can Affect Skin Function Health Info

By Steven Reinberg, Health Day reporter (Health day) FRIDAY September 10, 2021 (HealthDay News) – Parents: You might think that temporary tattoos are harmless to children. But children who decorate themselves with these transfer tattoos can disrupt the protective barrier of the skin, Spanish researchers report. They looked at the effects of permanent tattoos and […]

Temporary tattoos often used by children can destroy the protective barrier function of the skin

Credit: Unsplash / CC0 public domain Temporary transfer tattoos, particularly popular with children, can damage the protective barrier of the skin. it’s, Clinical medical journal By UGR researchers Jose Pablo Serrano, Trinidad Montero, Agustin Buendia, Salvador Aria. In their study, they analyzed the dermatological effects of permanent tattoos created using needles that penetrate the skin […]

Temporary Tattoos – the ‘try before you buy’ of the tattoo scene

Some may look very realistic TEMPORARY tattoos are a great idea if you are planning on getting a permanent tattoo but aren’t sure what or where to get one yet. While the first thing that may come to mind when hearing “temporary tattoos” might be the type most of us used as children, the truth […]

Are Temporary Tattoos Ruining Tattoo Culture?

Tattoos have long been a sacred ritual of marking the body with permanent ink, uniting artist and client in a non-verbal binding contract. Those who get tattoos trust the artist to feel comfortable and confident in their decision – and most importantly – not to screw up. With the rise in popularity of temporary tattoos, […]