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All in the Family – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

Genetics is a strange thing. We know that some traits are clearly passed down from our parents, but could artistic ability be one of them? Seunghyun and Younggi Jo, a sibling couple from Seoul, South Korea, argue that’s the case. As an older brother, Seunghyun started the craft first, and he currently resides in Toronto […]

Origami tattoos – tattoo ideas, artists and designs

When I was in elementary school, I became obsessed with origami. Like many of my creative endeavors, I went into it with extreme passion and a minimum of talent, and even this description is generous. I discovered the revered Japanese art of paper folding through my school librarian, Linden. One of the most needed skills […]

75 beautiful llama tattoos – tattoo ideas, artists and models

Llamas are the best. Anyone who thinks otherwise should check out adorable llama tattoos. Llamas are camels and belong to the same family as camels and alpacas. They are native to the mountainous region of the Andes and since pre-Columbian times they have been used as pack animals and for their meat. Llamas are often […]

75 perfect potion bottle tattoos

Potions have featured prominently in stories about magic and magical beings for centuries. We’ve seen potions described as both positive and negative in popular culture, especially when it comes to the Harry Potter franchise. In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, potions play a big part in the story throughout the Seven Books and Eight […]

Henna Forever – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

Artists are not born with a distinctive style; they have to take a trip to find it. Sometimes that means traveling all over the world to experience different cultures in their quest for artistic inspiration. Anaïs Chabane grew up in France, but she was strongly influenced by Arab art which she experienced as a child […]

60 awesome armpit tattoos – tattoo ideas, artists and models

There is a big difference between a tattooed person and a tattooed person. A tattooed person has tattoos, whether it’s one or twenty tattoos, but they can still maintain a “regular” or “corporate” appearance to the public. However, a tattooed person is a heavily tattooed person, which usually means they have ink all over the […]

22 behind-the-ear tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink

Rejoice! Our beloved tattoo studios have reopened and we are once again working to reserve our long awaited ink. Lots of months have been spent scrolling through tattoo inspiration, and there’s one particular placement we’ve seen all over our feeds: behind-the-ear tattoos. With Zoë Kravitz and Ariana Grande opting for delicate tattoos behind the ears, […]