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How to take care of your permanent tattoo? Tattoo Aftercare Tips | Vogue India

CC: Before you leave the tattoo studio, your artist will wrap your tattoo to protect the ink from germs until you can clean the area yourself. Wait a few hours for the area to settle in and allow some of the blood around the tattoo to disperse, which helps reduce swelling and tenderness, then remove […]

Tattoo aftercare What you need to know

June 8, 2017 – Most people know that dirty tattoo needles can spread infections like hepatitis C. But it is less well known that the wound itself can become infected, with serious consequences for a man who died from a tattoo infection after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. The man, identified as a resident […]

Are you inked? Our guide to tattoo tracking

It’s been a while since you’ve been fondling the idea of ​​getting your first tattoo tattooed and you finally got it. However, the hard part has only just begun. The most important task is to take care of your tattoo. In fact, the result of the tattoo largely depends on the healing process. Here are […]

H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Tracker Kit Launches On Walgreens Shelves

STUART, Florida – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –H2Ocean, a leader in the development of natural health care products using patented sea salt formulas, is proud to announce the launch of their Extreme Tattoo Care Kit in 5,179 Walgreens stores nationwide found in the first aid section. H2Ocean Extreme Tattoo Care (ETC) Kit, is a three-step system that […]