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Tattoo Post-Processing Products Market To Reach US $ 163,410.59 Thousand By 2028

The post tattoo care products market is expected to grow from US $ 113,418.08 thousand in 2021 to US $ 163,410.59 thousand by 2028; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2021 to 2028. According to the latest study by The Insight Partners on “Tattoo Care Products Market Forecast to 2028 […]

Mithra, Barber DTS, Precision Body Arts LLC – The Host

Advance Market Analytics has released a new research publication on “Tattoo Tracking Products Market Overview, to 2026”With 232 pages and enriched with self-explanatory tables and graphs in a presentable format. In the study, you will find new trends, drivers, restraints and evolving opportunities generated by targeting market players. The growth of the tattoo care products […]

Mad Rabbit Pitch Deck Raised $ 2 Million For Tattoo-Aftercare Brand

Mad Rabbit is a tattoo aftercare brand that raised $ 2 million in seed funding this summer. Friends Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor founded the company in 2019 while attending the University of Miami. They shared the Mad Rabbit pitch deck and explained how they organized the presentation. See more stories on the Insider business […]

Tattoo Care Maker Mad Rabbit Closes $ 2 Million Funding Round

Crazy bunny, a Californian tattoo aftercare brand, closed a $ 2 million funding round led by Acronym Venture Capital with the participation of Marc Cuban and Stefon Diggs. With this funding, the company says it will continue to expand its brand and optimize its product offerings, manufacturing, operations and marketing efforts. “In 2019 we were […]

Tattoo Tracking Rules According to Celebrity Ink Artist Lauren Winzer

Whether you have a full tattoo or are considering your very first tattoo, the topic of tattoo tracking is one that will be at the top of your list of considerations every time you walk into a tattoo studio. After all, there’s no point in spending all that time, thought, and money getting a tattoo […]

Products and advice for taking care of a new tattoo

From heartfelt mother-daughter tattoos to artistic watercolor tattoos to reconstructive tattoos after surgery, there are plenty of reasons to get a tattoo – all of them valid. But if you want your tattoo to continue to look freshly inked long after it’s been done, it’s important to follow the proper aftercare guidelines. Why is tattoo […]

Tattoo aftercare tips to avoid infections

Whether it took you five minutes, fifteen hours or more to get your new tattoo, you’ll want to take care of it properly. The right follow-up can be the difference between an ink that stays beautiful and a tattoo that becomes blurry, discolored, and worse, infected. Only 7 states require their health departments to approve […]

Tattoo Maintenance Tips | Dos and don’ts after getting a tattoo

Dos and Don’ts After Getting a Tattoo | Photo credit: Instagram For everyone, getting inked is a great moment of pride. You are then part of the inked club, in which you wear this personalized piece of art for the rest of your life (unless you decide to go for a laser and cancel it). […]

Post-tattoo care: 6 essential steps according to a tattoo artist

If we’re going to be committed to having something permanent and meaningful embedded in our skin, we want to know that it will look as fresh ten years from now as it did the day we took the plunge. Stained lines and discoloration are not the look that we dig, so it is important that […]

A step-by-step guide to tattoo aftercare, according to experts

tattoo care Unsplash For those who love tattoos, there’s nothing like getting some fresh ink. That you like small delicate tattoos or work to complement a full sleeve with intricate designs, tattoos are artistic forms of self-expression. Even celebrities love them. You can choose to have something super meaningful engraved on your body or just […]