Cardi B reveals Wave’s name face tattoo


Cardi B finally revealed what she got tattooed on her face.

On Saturday, Sept. 10, Cardi B hopped on Instagram Live and showed off her latest inky additions. The face tattoo has his son Wave’s name written in light red cursive on the side of his face. The other tattoo has Kulture’s name inked in the same way but with a darker shade on his arm.

“I tattooed my son’s name because I love him,” Bardi told his viewers, pulling his hair to the side and revealing the face tattoo. “And I tattooed my daughter’s name,” she continued, showing the ink on her bicep.

Cardi B rocked the internet in August when a video surfaced of her getting a face tattoo while on vacation. On Sunday August 14, tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos shared a video of himself applying the Privacy breach the latest track from the rapper. Another photo of Cardi posing for a photo with Santos. The tattoo was visible but not legible.

In January, Cardi revealed that she wanted to get her son’s name, Wave, tattooed on her face.

Random but… I’m 1% closer to tattooing my son’s name on my face too…. I really want to do this!” she tweeted. “I want mine on my jawline.”

Cardi B has a dozen visible tattoos, including Offset’s name on the back of her thigh, her sister’s name on her inner bicep, “Loyalty Over Royalty” on her other bicep, a huge peacock on her right thigh and more.

The rhymer’s new “Hot Shit” face tattoo comes on the heels of another unexpected rapper getting a face tattoo. Drake also appeared with a face tattoo last week. Drizzy recently tapped famed Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Noah Lee and got the red, lowercase Old English letters “s” and “g” under his eye. The tattoo is a dedication to the Honestly it doesn’t matter mother of rapper Sandra “Sandi” Gayle Graham.

Check out Cardi B’s new face and arm tattoos below

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