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When it comes to brainstorming tattoo ideas, we rely on creativity. Case in point: We recently hung out with Lucy Hale and convinced her to try all types of temporary tattoos, from emoji eyelids to sparkly freckles to stars. Hair tattoos. Suffice to say, we don’t always think of black and white ink, which is why watercolor tattoos are perfect for us. When we recently spotted some gorgeous designs online, we decided to do our own investigation. If you’re not familiar with the technique, it involves applying colored washes to the skin (to mimic the look of free-flowing paint), with minimal detail. Some detractors point out that this technique means the tattoo won’t age well, but one way around this is to apply enough contrasting black lines that the faded version still holds up. FYI, these require the hand of a skilled tattoo artist, so if you go to the experts (as it should!) You’ll come away with a tattoo that looks great even as you get older. The next step? Brainstorm on the designs!

It turns out that Instagram is a real treasure trove of colored ink, so we’ve taken the liberty of bringing you the best examples below. What fits our criteria for a watercolor design? Hues can be bright or muted, scale large or small, but these choices all share an artistic aesthetic that reminds us of art class and brushstrokes. Scroll down to see our favorite designs and get ready to live your life in color!

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