Best temporary tattoos 2022: 5 realistic options


Whether you’re stuck on which design to choose, are afraid of the needle, or are simply phobic about commitment, this story is for you.

The truth is, tattoos are a big commitment, whether you’re getting a little heart on a whim or a back you’ve been planning for years. Why? Because tattoos stay on your body for good – and there’s no turning back.

It doesn’t hurt to know exactly what you want, where you want it, and when. That’s why temporary tattoos are a great way to trial and error.

Even so, temporary tattoos are a great option for those who never want a real tattoo.

Whatever your reasoning for opting for a temporary tattoo, you’ll want to make sure it looks real and feels good.

Below we list our top choices for temporary tattoos with a Frequently Asked Questions on how to safely delete their. They look so good that you will fool them all.


If you want a temporary tattoo that’s originally yours, create one with Inkbox’s custom tattoo option. Inkbox makes it easy to upload your own design or use pre-made graphics to organize and sort.

2. Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos: momentary ink

Best Momentary Ink Temporary Tattoos
momentary ink

Get inked with Momentary Ink. Choose from the brand’s semi-permanent tattoo options. Each design lasts one to two weeks.

Best Amazon Temporary Tattoos

If a sleeve is what you need, look no further than the Pinon temporary tattoo. The brand offers a wide range of sleeve options for both men and women in color and black choices.

4. Temporary eyebrow tattoo: Godefry

The best temporary eyebrows

Temporary tattoos can also be perfect for beauty purposes, like these eyebrow transfers. Place them on your face and enjoy lush brows that last up to five days.

5. Silly Temporary Tattoo: Zazzle

Best zazzle temporary tattoos

Zazzle temporary tattoos are perfect for bachelorette parties, game day gatherings and more. Choose a fun design like your lover’s name or a cute photo to turn it into a temporary tattoo.

How to safely remove temporary tattoos

If you’ve decided that even the temporary tattoo isn’t for you (thank goodness you don’t have the real one!), choose one of the methods below to safely remove it.

1. Use an oil-based nail polish remover

Hook up an oil-based makeup remover, like coconut oil, and a cotton ball or tampon. Apply the product to the tattoo and remove in circular motions.

remove a temporary tattoo

2. Use cold cream

Take a dollop of cold cream, like Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser, apply it to the tattoo and let it sit. Then wipe off the tattoo and cold cream with a damp washcloth.

3. Wait

We know it’s also our least favorite option, but it works. Just wait. Trust us, it will eventually fade, because it is a temporary tattoo after all.

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