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Getting anime tattoos might seem like an odd choice to some, but with the constant popularization of these intricate anime stories, more and more people are getting attached to the powerful fictional characters on their screen. Whether or not the tattoo has a deeper meaning, one may simply wish to get a tattoo for its fun design and eye-catching colors or for the simple wish to pay homage to their favorite series at any time. So, if you are one of those people who want to get a unique tattoo design from the most popular anime to date, you have come to the right place. Of naruto at demon slayerhere are some of the best anime tattoo ideas to inspire you during your next ink session.


Sleeves are a popular choice among tattoo and anime fans. For anyone who never knows which panel or scene to get, a cover with all of the fan-favorite moments just might be the answer. While this cover art includes some of the manga’s most iconic moments, all of the panels depicted here were brought to life in the anime. Besides the panels, this immaculate example of a naruto the cover also features some of the most symbolic tokens in history, including the Akatsuki Cloud, representing the rain of blood that fell on Amegakure during its wars, and the Konoha Symbol, an emblem for a leaf that represents Konoho, also known under the name “Village”. Hidden in the leaves”.


bleach tattoo
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The perfect tattoo for everything Bleach enthusiastic is obviously a variable of Ichigo’s zanpakuto, the sword wielded by Soul Society Shinigami. A popular design among fans, almost all Bleach tattoo includes the infamous Zangetsu. In this particular design, the sword is also in its Bankai state. The famous Tensa Zangetsu perfectly encompasses the ideal tattoo for die-hard fans Bleach fans who wish to have the perfect tribute to this anime.

A play

straw hat tattoo

A play certainly not lacking in content to be used in tattoos. From the notorious X shared by the original Straw Hats and Vivi, to Law’s DEATH tattoo, A play fans can choose from many different designs to include in their own ink repertoire. However, one tattoo that fully understands the nature of One Piece is Luffy’s Straw Hat. Known as Mugiwara no Luffy because he always has Shanks’ straw hat, A play has this garment from episode one. Other tattoo ideas for A play also include Devil Fruit, or even Straw Hat’s Late Boat, Sunny.

my hero academia

My Hero Academia tattoo

For a spin on any regular colored tattoo, a hint of fluorescent ink goes a long way. Usually, “glow in the dark” tattoos don’t exactly live up to their name. These tattoos feature fluorescent ink and colors designed to glow under black light, so if the prospect of an ever glowing tattoo isn’t so appealing, don’t worry – these tattoos will only glow. under the right circumstances. In this my hero academia tattoo, the manifestation of the power of Midoria is beautifully crafted through the use of fluorescent ink, which is sure to add life and pizzazz to any tattoo, creating an incredibly unique design using a technique that is not not at all common. other popular my hero academia tattoo designs mainly include characters, such as Dabi, Eijiro Kirishima, and Shōta Aizawa.

The attack of the Titans

attack on titan tattoo

Although based on an absolutely epic story, many popular designs for shingeki no Kyōjin are actually down the minimalist aisle. In recent years, popular anime tattoos are often framed, which means that the inside of the rectangular lines is often a popular panel or scene from the anime. In this specific example, Eren’s iconic post-titan fighting stance is included in the design, making it a great idea for anyone who wants to get The attack of the Titansthe main inked protagonist. Other popular designs include the Blade Gear, Levi’s framed pointy eyes, and the Scout Legion symbol.

Hunter X Hunter

hunter x hunter tattoo

Sometimes less is more, and popular Hunter X Hunter tattoos perfectly convey this idea. Although complex and quite long, popular Hunter X Hunter the designs usually include the infamous eyes from the anime. Hisoka’s piercing eyes along with the symbols he proudly displays on his cheeks are an incredibly popular choice among fans. These symbols are also used when Hisoka texts others – namely Kurapika – to let them know that he is in fact the sender of the message. Iconic and unmistakable, no one would ever mistake the person behind the pink star for the green teardrop. Other Hunter X Hunter tattoos often include Killua’s eyes or the Phantom Troupe spider tattoos.

demon slayer

demon slayer tattoo

The mask used by Sabito is just one of many examples of demon slayers‘ meaningful objects used in tattoos. Sporting a protective fox mask hand-carved by the master – Sakonji Urokodaki – this object worn by Sabit became of central importance for the development of demon slayer. While using this mask, Sabito taught and helped Tanjiro prepare for the Final Selection Exam, and during this time, a seemingly ruthless warrior turned out to be a nice guy with strong values ​​and a sacrificial nature. In this tattoo design, all the elements left by Sabito’s soul at Mount Sagiry – paired with beautiful flowers – create the most meaningful tattoo possible as a memory for this selfless child.

Hopefully, this diverse assortment of anime tattoos will inspire anyone looking to shamelessly wear straw hats and face masks on their skin, taking their favorite anime and characters wherever they go.


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