Aspiring tattoo artist arrested after causing $100,000 damage to shop trying to show off his skills


An aspiring tattoo artist caused $100,000 in damage to a store in Arizona while trying to show off his skills.

Dylan Wiederholt, 38, allegedly broke into the Lion’s Den Tattoo Company in Prescott, Arizona in the early hours of Sept. 6, the Prescott Police Department said in a statement.

Officials say several items at the tattoo shop were smashed, ink was sprayed on the “walls, floors, ceiling and furniture” and “expendable tattoo supplies” were also damaged.

“During the investigation, officers learned that at approximately 1:40 a.m. a male subject gained access to the business. Once inside, the male suspect ransacked the business deliberately breaking several objects, spraying interior walls, floors, ceiling and furniture with tattoo ink, and destroying non-reusable tattoo supplies,” the statement read.

Officers found Mr. Wiederholt several blocks from the scene still covered in tattoo ink and he was arrested after he allegedly admitted vandalizing the store.

“Wiederholt has no known connection to the company, but informed the arresting officers that he wanted to apprentice and wanted to show off his artistic abilities,” PPD continued.

He told officers he hitchhiked across the state after being kicked off a California Greyhound bus and had been in Prescott for two weeks.

Mr. Wiederholt was incarcerated in Yavapai County Jail and faces charges of burglary and criminal damage.


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