Artist creates incredible animated tattoos with moving neon lights


You may already be familiar with black light tattoos created using ultraviolet ink, but the Russian artist Maxim Sipakov takes vivid body art to a whole new level. The talented 18-year-old animator digitally edits videos from tattoo artists around the world. He adds neon lights to their creations that seem to move across the skin as if by magic. Every modified part of the body art looks like a superhero tattoo!

Sipakov started adding neon lights to football images in February 2020. Since then he has found his strong point in tattoo art. Its colorful additions allow you to appreciate the original inked designs in a whole new light, literally.

From geometric mandalas to character-inspired designs, Sipakov can turn just about any tattoo into something that feels supernatural. Vibrant sparks of light flash, dart and dance around the lines of the tattoo, illuminating certain areas and bringing them to life. Each neon overlay complements the original design perfectly, and Sipakov always makes sure to credit the original tattoo artist on Instagram.

At the time of writing, the trained host now has over 119,000 subscribers on Instagram, and it’s clear to see why. Scrolling through your portfolio is totally fascinating!

Check out Sipakov’s animated neon tattoos below and find out more about Instagram.

Russian animator Maxim Sipakov digitally edits videos of tattoo artists around the world and adds moving neon lights to their body art.

Each modified design looks like a superhero tattoo!

Each video lets you appreciate the original inked designs in a whole new light, literally.

Sipakov also enlivens nail art with his iconic neon lights.

Maxime Sipakov: Instagram | Youtube
h / t: [Design You Trust]

All images via Maxim Sipakov.

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