Aldi Queen’s Jubilee beauty buys: Nail art, temporary tattoos and face jewelry


Plans for the Jubilee celebrations are well underway with decorations, memorabilia and even limited edition gins all being purchased by Royalists around the world ahead of the long bank holiday weekend in June.

But, if you thought Samsung’s Jubilee fridge was royal-themed rogue merchandise, then there’s another new launch that will make your head spin again – Aldi’s Jubilee beauty buys.

Aldi’s line of beauty products has continually grabbed the headlines here at IndyBest – namely its best-selling fragrance, bath honey and skincare dupes – so it’s safe to say we’re budget brand fans. But even we didn’t see this collection coming.

With Union Jack nail stickers, temporary tattoos and face gems, we’re sure to see them on many faces and hands this holiday weekend.

Although the range is unfortunately not available online, the beauty products are up for grabs in store. So we’ve listed new beauty buys along with other jubilee-themed products to get you in the royal spirit.

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Lacura Jubilee face and body temporary tattoos: £0.65,


Temporary tattoos can be a really fun way to get into the party spirit. This pack includes mini corgis, union jacks, crowns and many more royal-inspired characters that can be used on both the face and the body. Trust us when we say you’ll be grateful for these face paints.

Soon available in store


You might be most familiar with the facial gems that pop up at summer festivals, but they could be a fun extra to jazz up your standard makeup no matter how you’re spending the long weekend. Wear it on both cheeks or share it with a friend for a matching patriotic nod.

Soon available in store


For people who aren’t good at nail art or for those who aren’t quite ready to spend two weeks with Union Jacks on their fingers, these nail wraps are a great effortless way to get into the spirit of the party. Corgis, Union Jack spikes and classic red are just a few of the designs featured.

Soon available in store

If you’re already in full party planning mode, there’s plenty of decorations, merchandise and, of course, jubilee drinks to get your hands on, including one of Aldi’s brand new releases that’s available in store now.

Aldi infusionist strawberry mint gin liqueur: £13.99, – Available in store


We’ve already covered Aldi’s new gin releases, but take this into account to remember that they’re now available to buy in stores. Made from British strawberries, Aldi’s infused gin liqueur has refreshing notes of mint, along with silver flakes to add sparkle to your royal celebrations. Whether mixed with tonic for low ABV or added to prosecco for added flavor, the bottle is perfect for raising a glass to the jubilee.

Available in store now

(Royal Collection Shop)

To stay in the pipes for a moment, this bottle comes from the queen’s own range of gin. We were pretty pleased with this bottle and weren’t surprised it “sold out in just eight hours when it launched last year”. This particular bottle is made from a botanical blend of ingredients sourced from the gardens of Buckingham Palace, including lemon, verbena, hawthorn berries and mulberry leaves. It is said to be the perfect refreshing drink.

Our writer added a note that “the palace suggests serving [this] with tonic and a slice of lemon, but Queenie loves gin and Dubonnet – a sweet wine-based aperitif – so why not give her a whirl for a drink truly royalty-approved.

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When it comes to throwing a platinum jubilee party, decorations can take center stage. And it was one of the best options in our jubilee decorating roundup. “Being one of Britain’s biggest high street retailers, it’s no surprise that Next feels patriotic.” Wrote our review. “There’s a wide range of party decorations on sale, including this tea set for ten people. With (take a deep breath now) napkins, plates, cups, cupcake cases, paper crowns, paper straws, and a three-tier cake stand, this kit really has everything you need to start your party off right.

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(Eleanor Bowmer)

Included in our Jubilee Merchandise Roundup was this fabulous print. A fun and contemporary take on royal merchandise, we love the boldness of this Eleanor Bowmer print. striking wall art.The print comes unframed and is available in a range of sizes, from A4 to A1.

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