9 cool inner lip tattoo ideas that make perfect temporary (and hidden) ink


Lip tattoos have been popping up everywhere lately. From sassy phrases to tiny images, cool inner lip tattoos have gained enormous popularity. Even celebrities are in the trend: Miley Cyrus was spotted inking her inner lip fourteen months ago. The Instagram photo alone has received over 717,000 likes.

Prior to that, pop star Kesha sported a tattoo on her inner lip saying “Suck It”. While not everyone wants to get such fiery ink, Kesha’s tattoo has garnered a lot of attention on the trend. One of the reasons millennials are so drawn to the inner lip tattoo is that the location offers some discretion. No one will be able to see it unless you show it to them. It’s great for those just starting out in their careers or those with more conservative jobs.

Even though once inked, most tattoos are permanent, there is some debate regarding the longevity of lip tattoos. Cyrus tweeted last March that his sad kitten tattoo was starting to lose its coloring. Frequent touch-ups may be needed to keep your tattoo freshly inked.

Lip tattoos are a great way to show off your personality. Having a tattoo on the inside of your lip allows you to be as silly or as daring as you want. Thinking of getting a tattoo on your inner lip? Well, look no further for inspiration. Here are some of the coolest lip tattoos found on the internet.

1. Hello Kitty

2. Everything about this bass

3. Love

4. Couple tattoos

5. Heartbeat


7. Little heart

8. Horizon

9. Peace sign

Images: @ mileycyrus / Instagram; gottshar / Flickr


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