75 Nostalgic Tamagotchi Tattoos – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Designs


In 1996, the world changed forever when the Tamagotchi made their debut. Tamagotchi was created by Akihiro Yokoi from WiZ and Aki Maita from Bandai. They were first released in Japan by Bandai on November 23, 1996, and later released to the rest of the world on May 1, 1997. For those unaware, the Tamagotchi is a digital pet that stands in a egg shaped video. game controller with three small buttons. The name is a combination of two Japanese words: tamago which means egg and uotchi which means watch.

There are a variety of pets available in the Tamagotchi world and some of the most popular are Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, and Memetchi. Pets go through a variety of life stages, including baby, child, adolescent, and adult. The senior life stage was also added to later models of the toy. Pets have different meters displayed on screen to indicate their health and behavior: a hunger meter, a happiness meter, a training meter, and a discipline meter.

Over the years, over 40 different versions of Tamagotchis have been released and many of these versions have only been available in Japan. As of March 2021, over 83 million Tamagotchi units have been sold worldwide. But that of course doesn’t include the hundreds of Tamagotchi tattoos worn by fanatical collectors. Take a look at 75 of our favorite Tamagotchi tattoos from talented artists around the world, then let us know if you had a Tamagotchi in the comments section on social media.


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