7 Peony Tattoo Ideas That Are Incredibly Beautiful


The perfect tattoo is meaningful, beautiful and timeless. There can be a lot of pressure to choose a creation – it is permanent addition to your body – but flowers are still a classic. If you are unsure which design is right for you, consider one of the most popular ideas: a peony tattoo.

Roses will always be awesome (Selena Gomez’s latest addition is a beautiful watercolor rose which is a major inspiration for the tattoo), but they’re pretty common. Peonies, however, are an elegant and modern choice that looks amazing on your canvas. And the design has become increasingly popular in recent years.

“Peonies are the new rose”, tattoo artist Gianna Caranfa tells Bustle via email. “They are delicate, feminine and sweet.” According to the flower delivery service Urban Stems, peonies symbolize love, honor, happiness, romance and beauty. No wonder so many people are interested in floral tattoos.

There are so many designs to consider, and even more styles to ponder. Not sure which style you want to go for? Whether you prefer the delicacy of fine lines, the simplicity of minimalist looks, or the realistic aesthetic, here are seven peony tattoo designs that will make you want to book your next tattoo appointment.



Realistic peony tattoos capture the flower as it looks in real life, pink or purple petals with vibrant green leaves. This design is one of Caranfa’s favorites.


Thin line

Fine line tattoos have been growing in popularity for a few years now, and the technique looks beautiful paired with a peony tattoo. Vargas tells Bustle that while some people think thin line tattoos don’t stick because of how light they are, that’s not the case.

“If the artist knows what he is doing, he will heal perfectly,” she says. Definitely do your research to find a fine line liner, as these tattoos may require maintenance if not taken care of properly (ex: sunscreen, moisturizer). “While everyone’s skin is different, this tattoo could only use a second touch up.”


japanese peony

Want your peony tattoo to stand out? Japanese-inspired designs take a lively and colorful approach to the flower. This design is perfect for a standalone tattoo.



Watercolor tattoos will make your body look like a literal canvas, and the technique looks beautiful and effortless on a peony tattoo. Show the beauty of the flower as it transforms from a bud to full bloom.


Black White

Although peonies are full of rich shades, the flower looks great in black and white. This version is bold and pop. Plus, it’s a great design to incorporate into a sleeve.



If you are looking for a delicate tattoo, this peony tattoo is for you. It’s a great way to work on subtlety in a pop of color.


Inspired by the rose

Do you like a classic rose? Get the best of both worlds with a design like this. Red and pink tones look beautiful in a blooming peony.


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