65 Wild Card Tattoos “It’s Always Nice in Philadelphia”


The longest-running live-action comedy series in American history is quite an honor and it goes to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. “It’s Always Sunny” premiered in 2005 and was created by Rob McElhenney, who also plays Mac throughout the series. It follows “The Gang” and their various chaotic and narcissistic exploits surrounding Paddy’s Pub in South Philadelphia. In addition to Mac, you also have Charlie Kelly (played by Charlie Day), Dennis Reynolds (played by Glenn Howerton, who also co-developed the series), Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds (played by Kaitlin Olson) and Frank Reynolds. (performed by Danny DeVito). The series ran for 15 impressive seasons and has been renewed until season 18, so far!

The attraction of the spectacle is simple. It revolves around some of the most terrible yet lovable characters who find themselves in some of the craziest and most unimaginable situations. And while many characters form relationships on the show, the show also has real couples, with Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis (the waitress), and Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson got married in real life.

Over the years, the series has expanded far beyond a simple TV show. The musical “The Nightman Cometh” has been performed by The Gang around the world. Additionally, a Russian version of the show titled “It’s Always Sunny in Moscow” premiered in 2014. Additionally, Howerton, McElhenney and Day started hosting “The Always Sunny Podcast” in November 2021.

In honor of the continuing legacy of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” take a look at The Gang’s 65 iconic tattoos and their antics in the gallery below. So let us know your favorite character from this series in the comments section on social media.


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