60 Stunning Sphynx Cat Tattoos


It’s hard to believe that sphynx cats, a cat breed known for its lack of fur, originated in one of the coldest countries on earth: Canada! That’s right, the sphynx first appeared in Toronto, Canada, after a hairless cat named Prune was born to a black and white domestic shorthair in 1966. Cats began to be bred from from there and are now one of the most popular breeds in the world. .

Sphynx cats come in a variety of colors and markings, such as solid, point, and tabby. Their skin is also described as resembling chamois leather and although they are hairless, these cats do require maintenance from their owners. Because they have no fur, their skin often has excess oil that requires regular bathing. Additionally, they also have a hard time retaining body heat without fur, which is why their owners often provide them with sweaters in cold weather and are never left outside in cold weather unattended. And despite the lack of hair, many people with cat allergies are still allergic to sphynx cats.

Sphynx cats are an exceptionally desirable breed, especially among celebrities. Famous sphynx enthusiasts include Steven Tyler, Lady Gaga, Jeff Goldblum, and Kat Von D. Many movies and TV shows have also featured hairless cats, including “Friends,” “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” ” Lady MacBeth” and “The Secret Life of Pets.”

Take a look at 60 of our favorite sphynx cat tattoos. Then let us know your favorite tattoo on this list in the comments section on social media.


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