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We often talk about tattoos that require dedication, most often when we talk about hand or neck tattoos. Head tattoos can also be placed in this category – hiding them is pretty darn hard – but they deserve a little extra credit given the placement. If you’ve ever had your head tattooed, or even just watched someone else get one, you know this is one of the most painful sites to get inked. From a purely sadistic point of view, I love watching the different faces people make as they work their noggin.

Beyond the concept of dedication, head tattoos are insanely bad. There are so many things an artist can do with this building. It’s pretty much the only part of the body that’s rounded, making it the perfect location for all kinds of different designs, like an orb ripe for reflection, for example.

As we researched (the fancy word we use for “look on Instagram”) this article, we discovered two very notable things. 1. The head is a place that seems suitable for all tattoo styles, and 2. Tattoos on the head seem to have religious connotations much more often than other spots on the body.

The first part seems like a no-brainer, basically every part of the human body should be suitable for any tattoo style, but when you spend all your waking hours around this stuff, you’ll quickly learn what it is. is generally not the case. Joint tattoos are almost always traditional. Full body suits are almost always Japanese. The stomach is the preferred destination for complex scripts. So it was really cool to see that the head accommodates all tattoo styles, from traditional to black and gray to Japanese, color realism and beyond.

This is the second thing that kind of surprised us. Religious themes are quite common in tattooing, but it seems that an excessive amount of head tattoos feature religious iconography. Granted, we didn’t do a scientific test of this theory, we just looked at a bunch of head tattoos and saw a lot of portraits of Jesus, sacred hearts, etc. This makes sense when you consider the visibility of a head tattoo. Since the tattoo will always be on display, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that a person chooses tattoos that they consider sacred for such placement.

Either way, it’s only a lot of vamping before we get to why you really are here: a photo gallery filled with images of awesome head tattoos. Check them out!


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