6 cute and trendy tattoo ideas to get inked with Next


While tattoos can sometimes be considered a taboo subject, I am a big proponent of it. Personally, I see tattoos as reminders of times in our lives or of who we are: they are permanent pieces on our bodies that we can look and feel in a certain way. For some people, tattoos are associated with stories or a particular memory. However, for others, tattoos can be completely meaningless, just cute. And there is nothing wrong with that!

From flowers and leaves to mythical creatures, here are 6 simplistic, random and cute tattoos ideas you can sign up with next.

1. Food, but make it cute

I know we all have foods we love more than others and tattooing them on your body is a cute way to commemorate that. Think: Miley Cyrus’ cute avocado tattoo (RIP), or Ashley Benson’s milkshake ink. Cute fruits like watermelons and strawberries can also be a fun idea for some adorable random body ink. Who knows, a strawberry tattoo might make you feel like you’re living your best cottage life, even if you’re in the hallways of your dorm room.

2. Flora & Fauna

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found flowers and nature so beautiful. Likewise, sometimes that’s all the justification you need to get a tattoo: you just thought it looked pretty. Fortunately, there are many unique flowers or plants that you can tattoo. You can get a single leaf, a bunch of flowers and plants, or even an entire sleeve of flora and fauna. By having flower or plant tattoos, you can have your own personal garden with you wherever you go without the daily responsibility of having to water it and worry about keeping it alive (well, don’t forget your tattoo follow-up!).

3. mythical creatures

I think we can all agree that the world would be a much more exciting place if the mythical creatures we heard so much about as kids were real. Although (as far as we know) these creatures unfortunately don’t exist, that doesn’t mean we can’t make them exist by tattooing them on your body. Some examples of mythical creatures you can obtain are a dragon, unicorn, mermaid, or fairy. These tattoos can be cartoonish and cute like Ariana Grande Pokemon inkor detailed and realistic like Nadine Luster’s arm tattoo. Either way, this tattoo can bring a bit of whimsy into your everyday life, and who doesn’t want that?

4. A crown

Chances are you grew up loving princesses or wanting to be a princess. If so, you can use a tattoo to bring out your inner child or inner royalty. Since there are different types of crowns, you have a wide range of designs to choose from. This is the perfect tattoo for the days when you want to go back to the simpler days when you could live out all your fantasies without having to worry about your responsibilities, or the days when you need to be reminded of the true royalty you are. are !

5. stars, moons and suns

There’s a kind of peace that comes when it gets dark and you find yourself staring at the stars. It shows how vast the world is and it is also something constant for everyone. Not to mention that the stars, the moon and the sun are all extremely beautiful things, so why not tattoo them? With a cosmic tattoo, the possibilities are as endless as the sky: you can get your favorite constellation, a simple sun or moon, or even your star sign. Similarly, you can even get a delicate cosmic tattoo with small stars, tiny planets and other celestial objects to create your own ink galaxy.

6. A butterfly

When I was younger I thought butterflies were absolutely beautiful. As I got older, however, I discovered a new appreciation for them. Butterflies make for a beautiful tattoo: even if it’s a simple thin line tattoo, it’s still sure to stand out. If you want to add some symbolism to your tattoo, certain butterflies or butterfly colors have different meanings that you can apply to your life. Or maybe you just want to live out your Harry Styles butterfly tattoo fantasy. No matter which butterfly you go with, it’s sure to look stunning!

Whether you love getting a tattoo or aren’t sure if you want one, I hope these tattoos have given you an idea of ​​what you could get. Before you get inked, it’s important to remember that your tattoo is something that you, want since it is going to be on your body and no one else. So whether you receive a delicate bouquet of flowers or sick dragon ink, get this tattoo for you…and tag us on IG when you do! Good tattoo!


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