45 awesome Thanksgiving food tattoos


There are many reasons to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: friends, family, good health, etc. But we are also very, VERY grateful for the food. Thanksgiving is a very food-centric holiday and no matter who you are, you love at least one dish at the table.

There are plenty of options for delicious Thanksgiving food and of course one of our all time favorites is the turkey. It’s a classic and nothing puts you in an eating coma like a big plate of turkey. However, not all families just make turkey. Some highlight ham or chicken on Thanksgiving, while others prefer a vegetarian alternative like a tofuky or roasted squash.

For the sides there are a lot of exciting directions to follow. You have your high carb dishes, like stuffing the right arm of the turkey. There’s also mac and cheese (yes, it’s a side dish), mashed potatoes, and rolls.

Even vegetables have their chance to shine on Thanksgiving. We love roasted Brussels sprouts (that’s the only way to eat them), green bean casserole and stuffed mushrooms. But there are also the roasted vegetables, the sweet potato casserole and the salad.

Last, but not the least, you have your desserts. Perhaps the most iconic Thanksgiving dessert of all time in pumpkin pie. But, we also love apple pie, pecan pie, and sweet potato pie. You really can’t go wrong with the pie!

In honor of Thanksgiving, take a look at 45 delicious tattoos of the best holiday foods in the gallery below. Then let us know your favorite Thanksgiving dish in the comments section on social media.



Green beans

Cranberry sauce

Sweet potatoes


Pumpkin pie

Apple pie


Brussels sprouts

pecan nuts

Roasted carrots

Macaroni and cheese





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