40 ‘Hunter x Hunter’ tattoos


That’s right, the man is back. After a four-year hiatus, the one and only Yoshihiro Togashi has confirmed his return to the “Hunter x Hunter” manga via a series of cryptic images of panel sketches from his notebook posted on Twitter. Fans may already know this, but the show’s writer had to stop writing due to medical issues, including severe back pain. But when the artist took to Twitter, posting his sketches to a new account with zero images created in May 2022, the internet lost its mind. The initial tweet, captioned “4 more episodes so far”, amassed over a million likes in a single day.

While Togashi has since continued to post photos of what he’s been working on over the past few months, he also shared in another tweet that his health complications still haven’t gone away. While many fans were thrilled to see the show return, they just hope for the health and well-being of the creator who has already given us so much more than anything, encouraging him to rest rather than push himself.

The show prevails as one of modern anime’s most beloved treasures for endless reasons. For one, it does an unprecedented number of effective world-building, constantly returning to minor characters and plot points from all the series’ various arcs to unexpectedly alter the trajectory of the story. Beyond that, Togashi successfully creates a system of supernatural techniques called Nen, in which users can manipulate their life energy in order to render divine superpowers. These powers come in the most unique and inventive way – take Killua’s ability to manipulate electricity or Gon’s ability to add deadly force to his combative fighting style. More apparent than anything, however, has to be the series’ unrivaled ability to break and heal hearts with its deepest character arcs, feelings of never giving up, and the greatest wholesome friendship between the two youngest protagonists of series.

It is unclear when the series will reach its conclusion, as it all depends on the brain whose main concern is to survive and stay healthy at this time. But while we pray for his safety and recovery, we can certainly adorn ourselves with bad-ass tattoos of some of the most OP characters and memorable stills from the manga and equally stunning anime.


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