30% off 90s inspired temporary tattoos by Dani


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Offer of the day: March 27

If you or a teen in your life have been craving a taco, cupcake, unicorn, avocado, fries, or an emoji, today is your day.

INKED by Dani is offering TODAY.com fans 30% off four different sets of temporary tattoos. Usually, a set of 30 tattoos costs $36. But, today, you can get any of these bundles for $25 with free shipping, using code “TODAY.”

The BFF Bundle, Color Bundle, Bestseller Bundle, and Realistic Bundle are all available for the discount. Each bundle includes a unique set of ’90s-inspired hand-drawn tattoos that typically last at least two to four days.

INKED by dani

The tattoos are made from non-toxic dyes certified by the Food and Drug Administration. They would make a great gift for any emoji-obsessed teen in your life!


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